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Selfish Burress May Cost Giants A Chance At Defending Their Titl

Selfish Burress May Cost Giants A Chance At Defending Their Title-By Jon Wagner-Senior Writer at Large-Football Reporters Online

When New York Giants’ wide receiver Plaxico Burress literally shot himself in his left leg at a Manhattan club last Friday night, he may have also figuratively shot his team in the foot.

It seemed that the talented receiver had put some character questions during his five years in Pittsburgh to bed during most of his first three years with the Giants. But, ever since catching the winning touchdown pass in the Giants’ Super Bowl XLII win in February, Burress, now in his fourth season with New York, has apparently let his self-centered actions ruin what could have been a very happy marriage with the defending champion Giants.

If he had been able to stay out of trouble and simply show up every week as the professional that the Giants hoped he’d be, Burress certainly would have remained the Giants’ most dangerous receiving threat. After last Friday’s incident however, he may no longer get that chance.

Whether due to his self-inflicted gunshot wound, the impending legal trouble resulting from it, or from both, Burress may have played his final game in a Giants’ uniform this season. If that’s the case, the track record of how the Giants have been able to continue to flourish after ridding themselves of other talented troublemakers would indicate that Burress’ days as a Giant could be numbered not only this season, but for good.

After a multitude of missed practices, excuses, and fines, the Giants may have run out of patience. For proof of that, there’s no need to look past current Giant tight end Kevin Boss filling in adequately for four-time pro-bowler and ex-Giant Jeremy Shockey in helping the Giants to their first 11-1 record in their long, storied history.

As with Boss, the Giants certainly have Burress’ replacements waiting in the wings. Domenic Hixon, Steve Smith, and Amani Toomer have already more than picked up the slack in the weeks that Burress has already missed this season whether due to injuries or repeated off-the-field troubles.

But the concern for the Giants is if that trio can get it done come playoff time in January against some of the best teams the NFC has to offer, or in Tampa, should the Giants reach Super Bowl XLIII.

Though Burress’ potential postseason fill-ins are talented in their own rights, Burress is not only a receiving matchup problem at 6-foot-5 with speed, athleticism, and good hands, but he often commanded double teams, opening up the field for other options. Without him, the Giants will have to find other ways to keep good defenses guessing and maintain their efficiency as the league’s leading offense once the “real” season arrives and they seek to defend last year’s championship.

It’s entirely possible that the Giants could roll to another Super Bowl title in February without Burress. After all, the won a Super Bowl last season without Tiki Barber and Shockey, and they’re cruising this season without Michael Strahan and Osi Umenyiora. But, as hard as it is to repeat as champions in a league like the NFL, the chances of doing so would have been a lot easier for the Giants if defending a championship and being part of a true team were as important to Burress as it is to what may soon become Buress’ former team.

US Treasury hosted Islamic Finance 101

By Habhajan Singh
There was mixed reactions when the US Treasury Department hosted an Islamic finance primer for staff of US banking regulatory agencies and other government bodies recently. While some were supportive of the move, noting that the US is behind the curve with other countries like the United Kingdom already talking about floating Islamic bonds, others have derided the move.
One critic, the Coalition to Stop Sharia, hosted a press conference on the same day to reiterate its concerns, according to a news report. In its statement, the US Treasury Department said the forum was designed to help inform the policy community about Islamic financial services, which are an increasingly important part of the global financial industry. It said it will work with Harvard University’s Islamic Finance Project to host speakers from the academia and industry to share information on the development of Islamic finance, both in the US and globally.
"The primary audience of this seminar comprises staff from the US banking regulatory agencies, Congress, Department of Treasury and other parts of the Executive Branch. "For some in attendance, this may be their first and only opportunity to learn formally about Islamic finance," it said. It said it had expected about 100 people to attend, with the presentations short and focused, directed toward policymakers rather than academics.
Entitled "Islamic Finance 101", the one-day seminar began with a welcome note by US Treasury's assistant secretary Neel Kashkari. Prior to joining the Treasury Department in July 2006, Kashkari was a vice president at Goldman Sachs & Co in San Francisco. The seminar began with an introduction by Samuel Hayes who holds the Jacob Schiff Chair in Investment Banking Emeritus at the Harvard Business School. According to his profile, Hayes was a principal contributor to the Harvard Islamic Investment Study and co-author of "Islamic Law and Finance: Religion, Risk and Return".
Among the speakers at the forum were Mahmoud El-Gamal, Professor of Economics and Statistics at Rice University and Sarah Bell, a senior bank examiner at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Harvard's Islamic Finance Project is the continuation of the Harvard Islamic Finance Information Programme (HIFIP), which was established by the Centre for Middle Eastern Studies in 1995.
The project is now part of the Islamic Legal Studies Programme at Harvard Law School. It aims to study the field of Islamic finance from the legal and Shariah points of view by analysing contemporary scholarship, inducing collaboration among scholars within and outside the Muslim world, and increasing the interaction between theory and practice in Islamic finance, according to its website.
In February, Harvard Law School and the London School of Economics (LSE) had conducted a workshop in London to deliberate on a controversial pronoucement by prominent contemporary Islamic jurist Muhammad Taqi Usmani on sukuk.
(The Malaysian Reserve, Dec 01, 2008, p31, by Habhajan Singh. The Malaysian Reserve is a daily business/finance newspaper published out of Kuala Lumpur, with a sectoral page on Islamic finance on Mondays) Any source

KFH Research bags Islamic finance award

KFH Research Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kuwait Finance House (KFH), won the recognition as the "New Provider for Islamic Finance Research" from an Islamic finance conference organisers. It received the award from Dow Jones Islamic Market Indexes (DHM), International Institute of Islamic Finance (IIIF) and the Kuala Lumpur Islamic Finance Forum (KLIFF) 2008. Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop presented the award in conjunction with the 5th KLIFF. The team's research coverage includes economics and financial analysis in the GCC, Asia and US/Europe, currency strategies, GCC sectoral coverage and research advisory in Islamic finance, KFH Research said in a statement. KFH Research is led by Baljeet Kaur Grewal (picture) who is its managing director and vice chairman.Any source

MOODY'S: IFIs show ‘impressive resilience’ to crisis

By Habhajan Singh
Islamic financial institutions (IFIs) in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries showed "impressive resilience" to the crisis to date due to the core principles of Islamic banking which prohibits both speculation and interest rates, according to Moody's Investors Service.
Another contributing factor to IFIs in the Middle East displaying strong resilience amid the current global financial debacle is their strong growth and typically conservative approach, the international rating agency added in a "special comnment" report released last week.
The resilience of Islamic banks has become a hot topic in the financial market with a number of conventional banks reeling from the effects of the credit crisis. Jurisdictions like Hong Kong continue to show interest in making inroads into Islamic finance.
In a recent speech, Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) deputy chief executive Eddie Yue said that the Islamic finance industry is in many ways fortunate to be at an early stage of development during this turmoil. Nonetheless, Moody's notes that IFIs do not operate in isolation from their local, regional and international environments.
"They have therefore been facing three series of cyclical challenges, reflecting their current structural strengths and weaknesses," it said. Firstly, they are finding it more difficult to manage their short-term liquidity. Secondly, their investment portfolios, which are concentrated on illiquid and cyclical asset classes, have been impaired, and finally, their access to long-term funding has been postponed, forcing them to reduce the maturity profile of their assets, the report said.
However, Moody's expects that such constraints will prove only temporary and that Islamic banks have the capacity to weather the storm.
In the report entitled "Gulf Islamic Banks Resilient Amid Global Credit Woes", Moody's said global Islamic banking assets grew around 27% in 2007 and a growth of 20%-30% is expected this year as well.
"Although 2009 will likely be a tough year for Islamic banks, they benefit from a number of buffers: their credit portfolios have been essentially domestic, with limited pressure on asset quality so far; they have strong retail platforms, with high customer loyalty and deposit stability; and their high capitalisation and ample core liquidity often provide a relatively high amount of confidence to counterparts," says Anouar Hassoune, Moody's vicepresident and senior credit officer and author of the report.
As a result, Moody's expects IFIs in the Gulf region to be able to continue growing, albeit at a slower pace, before resuming a more rapid growth, most probably within 18 months. Paradoxically, it said the IFIs' reputation has benefited from the current crisis, reflecting their conservative approach to business, a close proximity to their domestic and regional franchise, their balanced and ordered appetite for growth, and focus on the basics of banking as opposed to innovation.
"All these factors, which used to be perceived as weaknesses before the credit crisis began, are now being used as shields against the potential damages of imported stress. "As a result, in the shortterm, in times of crisis, clients may find it more comfortable doing business with an Islamic bank," said Hassoune.
(By Habhajan Singh. The Malaysian Reserve is a daily business/finance newspaper published out of Kuala Lumpur, with a sectoral page on Islamic finance on Mondays) Any source

Alerta Amarilla por Nieve

El AEMET a Activado la ALERTA AMARILLA por Nieve, en La Provincia de Ourense, y por definición, en nuestra Comarca. La Alerta estará en vigor desde las 00:00 h del lunes 1/12/2008 a las 15:00 h, del 1-12-2008.
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La estación de esquí de Manzaneda abrió la temporada con una avalancha de visitantes

La nieve complicó la circulación por las carreteras pero favoreció el inicio de la temporada de la estación de esquí de Manzaneda, que abrió al público con una ocupación del 50 por ciento, concretamente 250 personas alojadas (la mayoría de Galicia y Portugal). La abundancia de nieve, con espesor de entre 30 y 50 centímetros, permitió abrir todas las pistas y cuatro remontes. Además, durante la jornada fue inaugurada una pista nueva y dos accesos, además de un bar terraza al que los clientes pueden acceder esquiando.
La estación de esquí de Manzaneda inició la temporada a pleno rendimiento y en un mes inusual, ya que abre siempre en diciembre. El temporal de nieve la sirvió en abundancia (con un espesor de entre 30 y 50 centímetros), permitiendo abrir todas las pistas y cuatro remontes.
El día, calificado de ‘espléndido’ por los responsables del complejo, cubrió 250 plazas de alojamiento, la mayoría personas llegadas de distintos puntos de Galicia y Portugal.Según destacó el gerente, ‘están llegando visitantes de forma continua. En este momento, tenemos la ocupación del aparthotel al 100%, mientras que la del albergue es de un 35%. El número de camas es de 400’.
Recordaron que hacía años que la nieve no caía en pleno mes de noviembre pues ‘se adelantó’ y señaló que son las circunstancias ideales para la estación: ‘Ojalá dure’.
Además, en esta jornada tan especial fue inaugurada una nueva pista, un acceso a la pista conocida como ‘das lebres’ y una variante hacia la pista denominada ‘da cuchara’. También, fue estrenado un bar terraza en el entorno de las taquillas del complejo al que se puede llegar esquiando.
La temperatura en la zona era ayer de entre menos dos y menos cuatro grados. ‘Animo a que vecinos y visitantes se acerquen hasta la estación, pero sí lo hacen rogaría que vengan provistos de cadenas en el coche pues una de las pequeñas incidencias es de vehículos que no van provistos de ellas y se que dan en medio de la carretera de acceso, dificultando el paso a otros’, apostillaron.
Los visitantes, tanto niños como adultos, lo pasaron en grande. La mayoría acudió a la estación para esquiar aunque también hubo visitantes que aprovecharon para lanzarse en trineos sin descanso e, incluso, algún ‘espontáneo’ que se valió de plásticos para deslizarse por la nieve.
Fue tan buena la jornada , que acabamos muertos de cansancio de tanto esquiar’, comentaban esquiadores consultados mientras se tiraban en el suelo haciendo gestos que aludían a su agotamiento.
Los responsables del complejo estiman que la jornada será similar a la del sábado o mejor. ‘Para nosotros que nieve con fuerza es una manera estupenda de empezar la temporada en esta estación, la única que existe en Galicia’, concluyen los directivos del complejo.
Manzaneda es la otra estampa de la nieve, la que lleva a mirar hacia el cielo para que siga colmando de copos este bello entorno de la provincia.
Fuente: La RegionAny source

Pinchazo de los modelos meteorológicos

Esta claro que no todo en este mundo es perfecto y exacto, y mucho menos la meteorología. Los modelos meteorológicos pronosticaban cantidades de precipitación superiores a los 10 mm en zonas del sureste peninsular, y no ha sido ni mucho menos de tal forma.
Vamos a ver la imagen del radar meteorológico de Murcia hoy a las 12:30 horas:

Véase la imagen del radar meteorológico de Murcia. Viendo las reflectividades esta claro que la intensidad de la lluvia ha podido ser, como máximo, puntualmente moderada.

Con respecto a lo que ha dejado esta pequeña Borrasca... creo que las expectativas se centraban básicamente en lo previsto por un modelo, el GFS, que apuntaba la formación de una mesobaja sobre el sur de Andalucia. Sin embargo, la cantidad de precipitación estaba totalmente sobredimensionada. Me explico:

1º - Durante estos días, en ningún sondeo meteorológico había previsto la entrada de flujo marítimo del SE que pudiera reactivar las precipitaciones.

2º- En todos los niveles, las isos se han marcado del S/SW a 850 hpa, estableciendo una capa más cálida y seca que ha resultado inhibidora de la humedad y las precipitaciones, que solo han sido destacables allí donde el viento del SW ha encontrado un mínimo aporte marítimo o forzamiento orográfico (por ejemplo la zona de la sierra de Cartagena).

3º- El GFS, como el resto de los modelos deterministas no suelen tener en cuenta en toda su dimensión la presencia de factores locales como el efecto foehn, por eso es frecuente que sobredimensionen este tipo de situaciones del W.

Vamos a ver que cantidades de precipitación se han recogido hoy en algunos observatorios meteorológicos del sureste peninsular:
Pilar de la Horadada (Alicante): 3,8 mm
Almoradí (Alicante): 3,2 mm
Torrevieja (Alicante): 3,0 mm
Cartagena (Murcia): 2,7 mm
Murcia (Murcia): 1,8 mm
Molina de Segura (Murcia): 1,8 mm
Santomera (Murcia): 1,8 mm
Catral (Alicante): 1,8 mm
Llano de Brujas (Murcia): 1,5 mm
Aeropuerto El Altet (Alicante): 1,4 mm
Orihuela (Alicante): 1,3 mm
Elche (Alicante): 1,2 mm
Alicante (Alicante): 1,0 mm

mm = litros por metro cuadrado.

Como pueden observar, los registros pluviométricos han sido muy rácanos, cuando los modelos meteorológicos indicaban registros superiores a los 10 mm. Estas precipitaciones han sido de nieve a partir de 900 metros, dejando paisajes muy bonitos. Por ejemplo esta foto que corresponde al entorno natural de Sierra Espuña (1.585 metros, en la provincia de Murcia) ha sido tomada esta misma tarde cuando el cielo estaba ya casi despejado:

Veáse el precioso entorno de Sierra Espuña en el día de hoy.Any source

BVI premier speaks on budget cuts

Hon. Ralph O'Neal, the premier of the British Virgin Islands, made an announcement that construction projects will be placed on hold, because of the global financial crisis and reduction of the budget connected with it.

The BVI premier said the economic situation in the country could improve in the next six months, if the measures will be taken by the U.S., Europe and other countries. O'Neal said that the BVI expects a decline in tourism, which it depends on for the bulk of its revenues. In September, about 276,000 tourists arrived in the country – about 1% decrease from the last year.

The 2009 budget is expected to be present in January. Hon Ralph O'Neal noticed that government programs related to education and health will be financed as much as possible.
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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Chubascos débiles durante la mañana

Los anunciados chubascos débiles han aparecido, dejando evidentemente muy poca cantidad de precipitación, pero al menos sirve para seguir sumando litros por metro cuadrado de cara a superar la media anual de precipitación en Orihuela. Este era el aspecto del cielo esta mañana:
Véase la Cruz de la Muela (464 metros) con la nubosidad de tipo bajo.

Estos chubascos de carácter débil y disperso han dejado en Orihuela 0,4 mm.

Mañana está previsto que se forme una pequeña Dana frente a las costas de Málaga y Almería que podría dejar precipitaciones en el Sureste peninsular y que serían de nieve a partir de unos 800 metros.Any source

!!!Nieve a la Vista¡¡¡¡

El mes de Noviembre de 2008 lleva trazas de convertirse en un Mes histórico para O Barco. Si el lunes pasado ya vimos como alguna nube dispersa dejaba algunos poco copos sobre la capital de Comarca; el jueves nos sorprendiamos con una Cencellada como hacía 4 años que no se veía por estos lares. Y por ultimo, como guinda al pastel, la nieve volvió a hacer acto de presencia en la villa, las primeras horas de ayer viernes, para luego dar paso al agua, pero esta vez dejando buenos espesores en las montañas que rodean a la Villa.
Esta, apareció esta madrugada y primeras horas del día a partir de los 500 mts. tan solo, y cuajando a partir de los 600 mts.
Para las próximas horas el frío en altura irá aumentando, por lo que la cota irá bajando gradualmente. Por la contra, las precipitaciones irán remitiendo. La posibilidad de ver nieve este madrugada y la del domingo al lunes en O Barco sigue presente, aunque, va a ser muy difícil que llegue a cuajar tan abajo. De todos modos, disfrutemos del tiempo, y de un mes de Noviembre, que pasará a entrar en las Efemérides de O Barco.

Aquí os dejo unas fotos de la Mañana del Día 29 de Noviembre de 2008 desde O Barco. Un Saludo, y Precaución en la Carretera. Una vez más, Gracias Cristobal.

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28 Novembre 2008 si replica seconda neve

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AS we steam toward our first New York-New York Super Bowl, The Great Debate suddenly rages:Who's better, the Giants or the Jets?

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Favre's Success With the Jets is an Apology to Gastineau

New York City has been officially diagnosed with Brett Favre Fever. The New York Jets are welcoming new fans to the fold as the team continues to succeed, and everyone is buzzing about the potential for a hometown Super Bowl...

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Giants want Six in a Row

With a three-game lead in the division, the Giants (10-1) are on a roll and can virtually wrap up the NFC East with a victory over the Redskins on Sunday. New York will also surpass their win total from last season (10-6).

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New York Giants Examiner: Giants at Redskins: Preview

Can the Giants keep their streak alive or will Washington take the champs down

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Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan Officially Best Rookie QB Ever.(At least according

Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan was named the best rookie QB of all time by an Atlanta Journal Constitutional writer, read more about it here.

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Let's hope Kubiak's comments don't reflect his beliefs

I can't help but react to Dale Robertson's commentary today in the Houston Chronicle about the Texans "porous" defense. In the column, Robertson suggested that the Texans 35-6 win over the Bengals may have (then) signaled that the defense had found some footing.To that I invoke the theory of the blind squirrel and the nut.

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Fans and Media Call For Romeo Crennel's Firing

A growing chorus of voices is demanding that Cleveland Browns head coach Romeo Crennel be fired. Crennel has led the underachieving Browns to a dismal 4-7 record. Their latest loss came at the hands of the struggling Houston Texans. In the loss, the Browns defense allowed the Texans anemic offense to gain nearly 400 yards.

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Jets-Broncos: New York Must Step Up Where Denver Excels

The New York Jets and Denver Broncos haven't faced one another very often in recent years, but please believe there's still a very strong sense of animosity for the ponies. Perhaps it's more on the behalf of Jets' fans, but it certainly does exist...

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Newsday's List of Hall of Fame Eligible Semifinalists

So here we go. Here are the 25 (plus two seniors previously nominated) just-announced semifinalists for enshrinement into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The inductees will be announced the day before the Jets-Giants Super Bowl in Tampa.Terrell Davis? Really?

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John Lynch to Retire After 15 Years in NFL

As any Denver Broncos fan knows, safety John Lynch has had one hell of a career in the NFL for both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Denver Broncos.With nine Pro Bowls, 1,277 tackles, 26 interceptions and winning a Super Bowl in 2002 with the Bucs, Lynch is almost certainly a guaranteed first ballot NFL hall of famer.

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Former Tampa Bay Buc Dave Pear battles NFL for help

Dave Pear will pull himself out of his shallow sleep, the way he has done for countless mornings. He will hobble across his house with the shuffle of a gladiator who has outlived the cheers. He will drink his coffee, he will take his pills, and he will read his Bible.

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Raiders still tinkering with a formula for winning - TFDS

The Oakland Raiders haven't allowed themselves to become complacent even after winning convincingly in Denver last Sunday. They are still working at getting better and are making the types of moves that we here at TFDS have been begging for since the last off-season. While it may be a little late for the Raiders to get that impact diamond in the...

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Lane Kiffin to coach Tennessee Volunteers

Tennessee has reached an agreement with former Oakland Raiders coach Lane Kiffin to take over as the Volunteers' next coach, with an announcement planned for Monday, barring any snags, according to multiple sources.

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Colts Have Rebounded to Become AFC Contenders Again

The Indianapolis Colts started out the 2008 season struggling, but have rebounded to become legitimate AFC contenders again behind Peyton Manning, Bob Sanders, and Tony Dungy.

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December Awaits Dallas Cowboys. Enough of the Turkey Dance

I have been waiting to write this post all season. December is finally here. The playoff run is about to begin. Games really start to matter now.The Dallas Cowboys have won three games in a row for the first time since the season started. After some ego-disrupting losses the rest at

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Raise Your Hand If You Feel Sorry For the Detroit Lions

Chris Johnson was untouched on a short run to the outside and a long gain up the middle. The two plays were symbolic of the canyon-like gap between the once-beaten Tennessee Titans and the winless Detroit Lions.

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Michael 2: Vick Deserves Another Chance in the NFL

I think that Michael Vick should be allowed back into the NFL. I think that the Detroit Lions should give him a chance at RB.

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Conifer Securities adds key executives to the BVI Fund Administration Services

One of the leading middle and back-office services providers, Conifer Securities, LLC, announced the hire of two executives to its offshore fund administration business in the British Virgin Islands, Conifer Fund Services Ltd. (CFS).

David Bateman
will be an associate director, and Donna-Maria De Roche will serve as an account manager for the fund. Both of them have expertise in providing offshore services to US-based hedge funds and alternative asset managers.

Peter O'Connell, managing director of the BVI and San Francisco-based Conifer Fund Services Ltd., said that hedge funds more than ever need to be disciplined and efficient, and the experience of the newly hired specialists will prove extremely valuable to the BVI fund and its clients.

Mr Bateman joins Conifer after working seven years in the offshore financial services industry. He held the position of Fund Administration Manager at UBS Fund Services (Ireland) Ltd., and prior to this position he was a Fund Administration Manager at UBS Fund Services (Cayman) Ltd., and a senior accountant at Bank of America (Cayman) Ltd.

Ms. De Roche has worked for five years at Fortis Prime Fund Solutions (BVI) Limited, where she received experience in administering funds with varying legal structures and investment strategies. Before going into the funds industry, she spent nine years at the PricewaterhouseCoopers office in Trinidad in the position of an audit and business advisory manager.

Conifer Fund Services (BVI) Ltd. was launched in 2006 as part of the Conifer Securities LLC, which has headquarters in San Francisco, New York, Boston and the British Virgin Islands and is working in this business since 1989, providing accounting services across a broad range of investment disciplines to both onshore and offshore funds. The services of the fund include fund accounting, fund performance and benchmark reporting, performance and management fee calculation, generation of required financial records, reports and documentation needed to support annual audit and tax preparation by outside auditors.
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Situación meteorológica muy inestable

Seguimos con una situación muy inestable, con continuas borrascas. Como pueden ver en la siguiente imagen del satélite, la Península Ibérica se encuentra completamente invadida por la nubosidad:

Véase la imagen del Satélite, destaca la tremenda Borrasca que hay en las inmediaciones del Golfo de Vizcaya.

Toda esta nubosidad de la que les hablo, llegará mañana por la mañana al sureste peninsular y podrá dejar chubascos débiles a lo largo de la mañana. A partir del mediodía está previsto que se habrán grandes claros. Estos chubascos serán de nieve a partir de unos 900 metros.Any source

Estado de la Nieve en el sureste peninsular

La Nieve ha aparecido en el sureste peninsular de manera poco copiosa, pero para estar en el mes de Noviembre... pienso que está genial. A continuación vamos a ver en que relieves del sureste peninsular hay nieve:
- En la Sierra Aitana (1.558 metros), a partir de unos 1.200 metros.
- En Sierra Espuña (1.585 metros), a partir de unos 1.400 metros.
- En la Sierra del Cambron (1.528 metros), a partir de unos 1.400 metros.
- En el Macizo de Revolcadores (2.015 metros), a partir de unos 1400 metros.

Veáse el aspecto de la Sierra de Aitana esta mañana.

Ahora, vamos a ver en que relieves montañosos, relativamente cercanos al Sureste peninsular, ha nevado:
- Sierra Nevada (3.478 metros) en la provincia de Granada. Pueden ver la webcam pinchando aquí. A unos kilómetros de dicha sierra, se encuentra el Puerto de la Ragua (2.041 metros), donde también ha nevado abundantemente.
- Sierra de la Sagra (2.282 metros), en la provincia de Granada. Pueden ver la webcam en directo pinchando aquí.
- Sierra de Filabres, Calar Alto (2.168 metros), en la provincia de Almería. Pueden ver la webcam en directo pinchando aquí.
- Sierra María-Los Vélez (2.045 metros), en la provincia de Almería.
- Sierra de Baza (2.269 metros), en la provincia de Granada.

Como ya saben, antes de viajar a disfrutar y ver la nieve, conviene mirar el estado de las carreteras mediante la página web de la DGT (Dirección General de Tráfico) pinchando aquí.
Any source

Ya llega el Frente...

Hemos tenido una mañana muy fresca en Orihuela, con una temperatura mínima de 3,9ºC a las 5:31 horas.

Por otra parte y como anuncié anoche, hoy por la tarde-noche un frente iba a recorrer la Península Ibérica de Oeste a Este. Vamos a ver por qué zona peninsular va ahora mismo:
Veáse la imagen del Satélite. En un par de horas como máximo, el Frente habrá llegado a la zona Mediterránea. Como anécdota, si se fijan muy bien, pueden ver un puntito blanco en el interior de la provincia de Alicante, se trata de la nieve en la Sierra de Aitana (1.558 metros).

Esta previsto que este Frente nos afecte mañana (Sábado) por la mañana, dejando precipitaciones de carácter muy débil. Durante el resto del día el cielo estará nuboso o muy nuboso con posibles ratos de Sol a mediodia y con un descenso acusado de la temperatura por la tarde. Y para el Domingo los modelos meteorológicos indican que se formaría una Dana frente a las costas de Málaga y Almería. Esta ascendería hacía el NE realimentando el frente y dejando precipitaciones en la Región de Murcia y Alicante, sobretodo en el litoral y prelitoral.

En unos minutos recibirán información sobre el estado de la nieve en las montañas del sureste peninsular y alrededores, por si quieren hacer una escapada a los relieves del sureste peninsular para ver el blanco elemento.Any source

Imatges temporal de mar.

Avui ens ha sorprès una fort temporal de mar, ambo nades que han superat a primera linia de mar, els 2-3 metres. L’origen d’aquest temporal, ha estat la formació d’una baixa al entre Balears i el Golf de Lleó que ha impulsat vent marítims mar endins, aportant una potent mar de fons llarga de l’est.

El resultat, aquí el tenim.

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El vent ens la juga, però tenim temporal de mar.

Finalment, el vent ens ha jugat una mala jugada i no ha deixat baixar les temperatures com per veure neu en els cims de Cadiretes. Haurem d'esperar a partir de diumenge. En altres zones de Catalunya, han tingut més sort i a nevat a cotes de 400 metres durant el dia d'ahir.

El que sí tenim, és un temporal de mar ben bonic, les onades, de tant en tant, tomben fins a la riera.
Imatge de la webcam avui a les 11:27 hores. Anirem a donar una volta a veure que tal.

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Poca oscilación térmica

Hoy el día se ha caracterizado por la poca oscilación o amplitud térmica. Ha transcurrido sin apenas cambios de temperatura, exceptuando estos momentos, en el que el cielo se ha despejado y la temperatura está cayendo en picado.

Véase la gráfica de temperatura en el día de hoy, apenas a sufrido cambios. La línea roja indica la temperatura y la línea verde indica el Punto de Rocío.

Temperatura máxima: 11,9ºC
Temperatura mínima: 6,8ºC
Oscilación térmica: 5,1ºC

Si no hubiera sido por la retirada de las nubes en estas últimas horas del día la oscilación térmica, como pueden ver en la gráfica superior, hubiera sido de tan sólo un par de grados. En cambio, de esta forma, la temperatura actualmente es de 6,9ºC a falta de dos minutos para comenzar de nuevo otro día.

Por otra parte las previsiones indicaban precipitaciones para hoy, pero finalmente se han retrasado de cara al fin de semana. Mañana Viernes, por la mañana el cielo estará parcialmente despejado, en el mediodía despejado y por la tarde-noche volverá a cubrirse el cielo debido al paso de otro frente nuboso que podría dejarnos precipitaciones muy débiles el Sábado por la mañana.

Modificado a las 0:00 horas.
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New York Looking Super In Both NFL Conferences

New York Looking Super In Both NFL Conferences-by Jon Wagner-Senior Contributing Writer-Football Reporters Online

It seems that immediately after Super Bowl XLII, a general consensus was formed that the road to Super Bowl XLIII would go through anywhere but the place where either of the two New York NFL franchises call home.

Many believed that the journey to Tampa Bay in February would wind through Dallas or San Diego, or perhaps through New England, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, or Tennessee.

The idea of the New York Giants defending their Super Bowl LXII title was an afterthought, and the prospect of the Giants meeting their fellow Meadowlands tenants, the New York Jets, in Super Bowl XLIII, wasn’t even considered.

However, fast forward now, to Week 12 of the 2008 NFL regular season, and suddenly what exists, is the very real possibility of a first-ever all-New York (or if you prefer, all-New Jersey) Super Bowl on the first day of February, 2009.

Yes, that’s the new prevailing view for both a defending champion who has until now, proven itself as the team to beat in the NFC, and similarly, for the team which is this week’s fashionable pick in what has become a scrambled race among several different teams for AFC dominance.

For the Giants, flash back to Super Bowl XLII when looking at Sunday’s game in Arizona. Same locker room, same sideline, same result.

Returning for the first time to the place they were crowned Super Bowl XLII champions, the Giants, as they often have, overcame adversity to do something they’ve done all but once in their past fifteen games -– win. Again.

Playing together as a true team, and having others step up to continue to roll is something that has seemingly become second nature for the Giants. They lose Tiki Barber to retirement and Jeremy Shockey to injury (and later, for good, to Shockey’s poor attitude), and they win a Super Bowl with Brandon Jacobs, Ahmad Bradshaw, Derrick Ward, and Kevin Boss. They see Michael Strahan retire and Osi Umenyiora lost to injury for the 2008 season, and they pressure 2008 NFL MVP candidate Kurt Warner into enough mistakes on Sunday to hand the Cardinals their first loss in five home games.

Given that track record, it’s no wonder that with their leading rusher Brandon Jacobs missing all of Sunday’s game with a knee injury, and with their best receiver Plaxico Burress sidelined for most of the game (after aggravating a previous hamstring injury in the first quarter), the Giants would find several others to fill those voids in torching Arizona’s defense and special teams for nearly forty points, in a 37-29 win on Sunday.

For those who may still think last year’s run from a 10-6 regular season record to NFL champions was a fluke, the Giants became only the second team in NFL history on Sunday to win five consecutive games against teams with winning records (the 1970 Minnesota Vikings first accomplished that feat).

Despite their 2008 success, the Giants know their path to another Super Bowl remains a difficult one. However, their win over the Cardinals coupled with Carolina’s loss to Atlanta on Sunday leaves the Giants in very good shape for earning the top seed in the NFC. With five weeks left in the regular season, the 10-1 Giants lead both Carolina and Tampa Bay (each 8-3) by a full two games. The Giants don’t play the Buccaneers before the postseason, but they do host the Panthers in the next-to-last week of the regular season, December 21st, at Giants Stadium.

Should the Giants ride a possible number one seed to another Super Bowl, the AFC representative they could play also needs to be sorted out over the next couple of months.

Suddenly, that team is looking more and more like it could be New York’s other team after the Jets won a big statement game on the road for the second straight week.

After taking hold of the AFC East with last week’s overtime win in New England, the Jets waltzed into Nashville and handed the Tennessee Titans (10-1) their first loss of the season, and it wasn’t even close, in a 34-13 rout.

The Jets set the tone early with a nine-play, 76-yard drive grabbing a 7-0 lead just 4:35 into Sunday’s contest on a 10-yard touchdown pass from Brett Favre to Thomas Jones, and they never looked back.

How much of a declaration was it that the Jets have arrived as serious Super Bowl contenders? Check these numbers: though the Jets were outgained through the air (236 yards to 217), Jets’ quarterback Brett Favre was very sharp, completing 25 of 32 passes for 224 yards and two touchdowns; the Jets held a huge advantage on the ground, racking up 192 rushing yards to the Titans’ 45; and New York held the ball for more than two-thirds of the game, winning the time of possession battle, 40:30 to 19:30.

The past two weeks, against teams like the Patriots and Titans, are the types of games the Jets spent so much offseason money on upgrading key positions, especially of course, with the signing of Favre, and those moves seem to be paying off now.

At 8-3, the Jets are tied with Pittsburgh (also 8-3) for the second seed in the AFC behind Tennessee. However, given that the Jets just manhandled the Titans on their own turf, they should have plenty of confidence of going back to Nashville for a potential AFC championship game if the Titans and Jets end up as the top two seeds in the AFC.

Of course, it’s understood that defense often wins championships, but also it’s interesting to see which two teams, each now widely recognized as perhaps the current teams to beat in their respective conferences, are the top two NFL offenses at this point.

Two games in two weeks for Jets to significantly measure their progress from more modest hopes of years past, and 34 points scored by the Jets in each of those games. The Jets now rank second with 29.4 points per game, behind only the Giants, who lead the NFL in scoring with 29.9 points per game.

It’s only Thanksgiving week, so no one in New York is thinking beyond Macy’s floats in terms of any parades. But, if things continue for the next couple of months as they have recently, we may know by the end of January if at least one New York team might be gearing up for a parade of their own.


Hoy se a producido un fenómeno en O Barco, muy parecido a la nieve, pero que es conocido como CENCELLADA. Para aquellos que no sepais lo que es, aqui os dejo una definición completa y unas cuantas fotos.

Definición: La cencellada es un hidrometeoro consistente en la formación de hielo blanco o parcialmente transparente, causado por la congelación de gotas subfundidas de la niebla helada a las superficies de objetos.
La cencellada es frecuente en alta montaña y en tierras norteñas; su formación requiere temperaturas muy bajas (-2 °C a -8 °C) y de la presencia de vientos moderados o intensos. La niebla congela al lado de barlovento de los arboles y otras superficies verticales, formando laminas de hielo duro, a modo de peines o banderas, desemejante de la escarcha que parece plumosa. Estas laminas pueden alcanzar varios centímetros, dependiendo a la velocidad del viento.

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Nota Informativa AEMET

"Lluvia, viento y nieve para los próximos días"
27/11/2008 Nota Informativa
La actual situación de bajas presiones sobre el área mediterránea, con un anticiclón en el Atlántico y flujo del norte sobre la Península, que ha provocado una bajada generalizada de temperaturas, dará paso en los próximos días a la llegada de varios sistemas frontales por el noroeste al tiempo que una borrasca se situará sobre el Cantábrico.
Con esta situación a partir de mañana viernes 28 se espera la entrada de un frente frío activo por el noroeste de la Península acompañado de precipitaciones que serán localmente moderadas y persistentes en Galicia y que se irán extendiendo a lo largo del fin de semana al resto de la Península, área del Estrecho, Melilla y Baleares, aunque de forma mas débil y dispersa cuanto mas al este. En Baleares las precipitaciones podrán ser fuertes y con tormentas durante la primera mitad del viernes 28 y el día 29. La cota de nieve será superior a 800-1000 m. al principio, bajando posteriormente a los 600-700 m en el norte peninsular y 800-1000 m en el sur.
Tras el paso del frente se mantendrá la inestabilidad en toda la Península y Baleares con cielos nubosos o muy nubosos y precipitaciones que serán mas frecuentes en Galicia y área cantábrica. Podrán ir acompañadas de tormentas y chubascos dispersos en el interior peninsular. En el área del Estrecho se producirán chubascos moderados que podrán ser localmente fuertes y con tormentas los días 29 y 30. El viento será de componente Oeste en la Península y Baleares: moderado a fuerte en el Estrecho, Alborán, Baleares y litoral cantábrico, y moderado en el resto.
La situación de inestabilidad, con precipitaciones, viento y frío, se mantendrá el lunes e incluso hay posibilidad de que continúe en días posteriores afectando en principio al Cantábrico, área del Estrecho y Baleares.
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Alerta Naranja por Nieve

El AEMET a Activado la ALERTA NARANJA por Nieve, en La Provincia de Ourense, y por definición, en nuestra Comarca. La Alerta estará en vigor desde las 18:00 h del viernes 28/11/2008 a las 00:00 h, del 29-11-2008. Y continuará el día siguiente, desde las 00:00 h del sábado 29/10/2008 a las 00:00 h, del 30-11-2008. Esta alerta Naranja, es posible que se alargue en el tiempo como mínimo hasta el próximo lunes día 1 de Diciembre.
Fenómeno: Acumulación de nieve: 6 cm
Ámbito Geográfico: Miño, Noroeste, Sur, Valdeorras.

Fenómeno: Acumulación de nieve: 40 cm Ámbito Geográfico: Montaña
Desde MeteoBarco rogamos mucha Precaución a la hora de salir a la carretera.
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原 作:ひじかた憂峰
集 數:第一部十六集完、第二部兩集完、第三部一集未完









PS. 哇哈哈,東立接手了!XDDD
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小說名:瀑布(The Falls)
小說家:伊恩藍欽(Ian Rankin)
譯 者:陳靜妍

《瀑布》書名取樣與內容啟發來自於紐西蘭流行搖滾樂團The Mutton Birds的歌曲【The Falls】,綜合書中所帶出的大量音樂,伊恩藍欽的類型偏好並不會太小眾,接觸的幅員看似遼闊、仍以歐陸曲風為主,不過老實講,這首歌曲旋律還真是天殺的給它沉悶極了,小說倒是非常好看!

之前才消極地決定暫時不要看磚塊書了,結果一看到伊恩藍欽新書,還是乖乖地拎著去結帳,儘管花了十一個小時才啃完,倒也相當值得,幸好上禮拜天沒人來煩我,因為老是超時加班的關係,已經好一陣子沒那麼專注於一整天看一本書,看完後心情挺好的,心情好的下場便是,將近深夜還是悠哉悠哉地繞到租書店去逛了一圈,縱然隔天又是blue Monday。囧rz








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Situació de neu per aquesta nit?

A partir d'aquesta tarda, ens entrarà una massa de núvols que entrarà pel mar, i deixarà un vespre, nit i matinada de cel tapat, amb precipitacions intermitents, puntualment moderades.

La situació és molt complexa. Tenim molt aire fred acumulat, a més, sembla que quan es comenci a tapar a Tossa, ja serà ben entrada la tarda i, per tant, la temperatura haurà caigut per l'absència de vent. Si això acaba passant, que s'ennuvola quan la temperatura ja hagi caigut, podríem tenir una situació de possible nevada per sobre dels 400 metres o, potser per sota, durant aquesta matinada.

S’haurà d’estar atents a la situació.
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Kazakhstan job for Msian legal firm

By Habhajan Singh
Zaid Ibrahim & Co has been appointed to ensure Kazakhstan's proposed Islamic banking laws are in line with prevailing international standards.
The law firm, which has an active Islamic finance practice and is expanding its regional footprint in conventional legal work, is understood to have secured the job through an international Islamic agency. The appointment demonstrates the strength of Malaysia's largest law firm.
When contacted, Zaid Ibrahim chairman Datuk Dr Nik Norzrul Thani Nik Hassan Thani confirmed that the firm had bagged the job, but declined to provide further details. "It is an interesting job. It demonstrates our ability to export our Islamic finance expertise to these countries," he told The Malaysian Reserve.
Kazakhstan, a former state under the Soviet Union empire, is looking to enter Islamic banking and finance, with ambitions to position the country as a regional hub for the sector. Several Islamic finance officials and consultants from Kazakhstan held discussions with their local counterparts in Kuala Lumpur recently.
"At least three Islamic banks are waiting in the wings to spring into action," a consultant told The Malaysian Reserve. Another consultant said that there are a number of jobs in Islamic finance up for grabs in Kazakhstan.
"Once the Islamic regulations are in place, the pace should pick up for local and foreign players," he said.
Zaid Ibrahim had recently set-up an Islamic finance advisory outfit under ZI Shariah Advisory Sdn Bhd and has since been active in crossborder Islamic deals. It is the first Malaysian legal firm with an associate company to be granted approval by the Securities Commission to act as a Shariah advisor for sukuk issuances and unit trusts. ZI Shariah provides advisory services in line with Shariah principles, international Shariah standards and resolutions made by the Shariah advisory councils on Malaysian regulatory authorities.
Over the last few years, Zaid Ibrahim said it has structured some of the most innovative financing transactions in the region. In Brunei, it was appointed as advisor for the country's first issuance of Islamic bonds based on the Shariah principles of sukuk ijarah, while in Indonesia it advised on an Islamic financing structure based on the Shariah principle of murabahah.
It has also worked on a US$100 million (RM364 million) sukuk ijarah Islamic financing facility in Brunei, an Islamic financing product bond on the principle of murabahah in the UK, a US$35 million murabahah Islamic trade finance facility in South Africa and a US$10 million bai al-dayn Islamic facility in Canada.
Locally, it has worked on the RM5.57 billion MTN issued under the istina principle to finance all costs associated with the initial operations of a power plant and a RM5.1 billion al-bai' bithaman ajil Islamic debt securities for a highway-related client. It has also advised a number of financial institutions on standardising their Islamic banking documentation. (The Malaysian Reserve, Nov 24, 2008, p1, by Habhajan Singh. The Malaysian Reserve is a daily business/finance newspaper published out of Kuala Lumpur, with a sectoral page on Islamic finance on Mondays)Any source

KLIFF: ‘Standardisation will help industry’

Sheikh Nizam Yaquby, a Shariah scholar in high demand by Islamic FIs at the moment, was down in Kuala Lumpur at the recent Kuala Lumpur Islamic Finance Forum (KLIFF) 2008.
As can be seen in the photograph in the Islamic finance section of THE MALAYSIAN RESERVE, Sheikh Nizam (third from left) took part in the one of the discussion sessions.
Other panelists were (from left) Labuan Offshore Financial Service Authority (Lofsa) DG Datuk Azizan Abd Rahman, Fajr Capital MD Rafe Haneef, Global Securities House UK MD Richard Thomas, Securities Commission executive director Datuk Kris Azman Abdullah and Maybank Islamic Bank Bhd Acting CEO Ibrahim Hassan.
In a Reuters report post-conference, it said efforts to standardise the reading of the Shariah will not stifle the Islamic finance sector, a leading Shariah scholar said last Tuesday, dismissing concerns that the industry risks being smothered by too much regulation.
A lack of standardisation in Islamic finance contracts is one of the bigge st complaints among bankers in the US$1 trillion (RM3.62 trillion) industry, but there are also worries that a growing effort to harmonise the sector across the globe could create a one-size-fits all approach in structuring deals, the report said.
"In Islamic law we encourage debate, research, scholarship and it is an ongoing process which cannot be stopped by anybody," Sheikh Nizam Yaquby, a highly regarded scholar told reporters on the sidelines of the Kuala Lumpur Islamic Finance Forum (KLIFF) 2008, held in Kuala Lumpur last week. "However, for the purpose of standardisation, it is important to have certain prudential rules and basic contracts especially repetitive ones to be accepted among a group."Any source

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lluvia y nieve irregularmente repartida

Como he anunciado esta mañana, hoy las zonas más beneficiadas del sureste peninsular pluviométricamente hablando, iban a ser las localidades costeras y así ha sido.

Vamos a analizar primeramente la lluvia:
- Ha sido muy irregular.
- Ha venido acompañada de viento, por lo que los pluviómetros seguramente no han podido medir con la máxima exactitud la precipitación caída.
- Ha sido mucho más persistente y moderada en la costa, ya que los núcleos de precipitación iban del mar hacía tierra.
- Han sido lluvias de tipo orográfico en el norte de la provincia de Alicante y sur de la provincia de Alicante.
- Incluso, en el sur de la Región de Murcia, esas lluvias iban acompañadas de tormenta en algún momento puntual.

Vamos a ver que cantidades de precipitación se han recogido hoy en algunos observatorios meteorológicos del sureste peninsular:
Xábia (Alicante): 31,4 mm
Torrevieja (Alicante): 23,4 mm
Denia (Alicante): 20,9 mm
Cartagena (Murcia): 18,8 mm
Almoradí (Alicante): 13,2 mm
Pilar de la Horadada (Alicante): 13,2 mm
Murcia (Murcia): 9,7 mm
Ontinyent (Valencia): 6,9 mm
Llano de Brujas (Murcia): 6,1 mm
Santomera (Murcia): 5,0 mm
Banyeres de Mariola (Alicante): 4,2 mm
Aeropuerto El Altet (Alicante): 4,0 mm
Orihuela (Alicante): 3,8 mm
Catral (Alicante): 3,2 mm
Alicante (Alicante): 3,0 mm
Molina de Segura (Murcia): 2,4 mm
Elche (Alicante): 1,4 mm

mm = litros por metro cuadrado

Ahora es el turno de hablar de la nieve:
- Ha nevado en la Sierra de Aitana (1.558 metros), a partir de unos 800 metros aproximadamente, evidentemente también en el Puerto de Montaña de la Carrasqueta. Así mismo, en Alcoy, Benilloba, Penáguila y otros municipios cercanos se han dejado ver algunos copos en momentos puntuales.
- La nieve ha dado muchas sorpresas en el día de hoy con desplomes de la cota de nieve increíbles y totalmente inesperados.
- Ha nevado en zonas altas del noroeste de la Región de Murcia, en Moratalla y en Sierra Espuña, sobretodo en la cara norte.
- La Dirección General de Tráfico ha avisado de que hay diversas carreteras cortadas en las provincias de Alicante y Murcia, a causa de la nieve.Any source

Episodio Especial de Frío y Nieve ( 28 de Noviembre a 3 de Diciembre)

Finalmente, y después da casi una semana siguiendo la situación que nos afectará este fin de semana, parece que está practicamente confirmada.

Una borrasca, bastante profunda (990mb +/-) se situará al N-NW de Galicia. Este impresionante bicho, a pesar de tener un recorrido marítimo, trae asociada consigo temperaturas MUY BAJAS para este tipo de borrascas.

Una -32ºC a 500 hPa, y -2ºC a 850 hPa, todo ello convinado con Geopotenciales Bajísimos, nos hace pensar que la nieve bajará a cotas medias/bajas en nuestra zona. Hoy por hoy, no sería descabellado pensar en una cota de 400 mts o incluso menos. De todas maneras, las cotas es quizas, lo más complicado de predecir, por lo que no daremos cotas concretas hasta que el fenómeno estea más definido.

La Cantidad de Precipitación esperada para el episodio también será generosa, rondando entre los 25/50 mm. Los vientos serán fuertes en la alta montaña, y entre moderados y débiles en la zona del valle.
Mapa Geopotencial/ Temperatura 850 hPa / Viento
Por lo tanto, Con los datos en la mano podemos deducir que la nieve puede aparecer muy cerca del valle, incluso, no descartaría que llegase a nevar en O Barco la madrugada del Viernes o del Sábado. Todo esto es demasiado pronto para predecir, por lo que no voy a dar cotas ni cantidades concretas hasta que esté todo más definido.
De todos modos, repito, que ya podemos ir haciendonos una idea de la magnitud de la entreda "fría" de este fin de semana, y de su excepcionalidad por la fecha, recorrido, etc.
Mapa del "Europeo" previsto para el domindo 30 a la 1:00h. Geop./presion nivel mar

Os mantendremos informados, tanto de alertas como de cantidades de nieve, cotas, etc. puntualmente,

Un Saludo desde MeteoBarco.
Any source

Alerta Amarilla por Nieve

El AEMET a Activado la ALERTA AMARILLA por Nieve, en La Provincia de Ourense, y por definición, en nuestra Comarca. La Alerta estará en vigor desde las 00:00 h del viernes 28/11/2008 a las 00:00 h, del 29-11-2008.
Fenómeno: Acumulación de nieve: 4 cm Ámbito Geográfico: Noroeste
Fenómeno: Acumulación de nieve: 15 cm Ámbito Geográfico: MontañaAny source

Alerta Amarilla por Temperaturas Mínimas

El AEMET a Activado la ALERTA AMARILLA por Temperaturas Mínimas, en La Provincia de Ourense, y por definición, en nuestra Comarca. La Alerta estará en vigor desde las 03:00 h del jueves 27/11/2008 a las 09:00 h, del 27-10-2008.

Fenómeno: Temperaturas mínimas: -4 ºCAny source

Nova irrupció freda

Avui dimecres, en plena irrupció polar, que ha enfonsat les temperatures a Tossa fins els 3ºC i les màximes que en prou feines han passat o passen dels 10-12ºC, per final d’aquesta setmana, tindrem una nova irrupció d’origen polar, fins i tot, un xic més freda que l’actual i més plujosa. Cota de neu? Ben avall, però d’això ja en parlarem els propers dies segons evolucioni la situació.

El que sí està clar, és que tindrem unes setmanes ben fredes, ja que el fred, uns quans dies. Quan fem balanç d’aquest novembres, ens trobarem en molts indrets de Catalunya com un dels més freds aquests darrers anys. I encara queda l’hivern.

Així que a abrigar-s’hi i a continuar informats ja que a partir de diumenge, es torna a embolicar la troca i qui sap que pot passar, vam tenir la neu a prop de Cadiretes (plovia a 3ºC), qui saps, si aquesta vegada serà la bona.

Tindrem imatges com aquesta la setmana vinent?

Nevada del 27 de Gener del 2006. Sant Grau d'Ardenya (cota 400 m)
Can Noguera ( cota 275 m)

Model HIRLAM. Situació esperada per divendres nit, on s'aprecia l'arribada de la nova bossa freda per la zona de Galicia, i les restes de la bossa actual en el sud-est del país.

Any source