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Imatges d'ahir

Durant setembre, hem tingut pics de màximes per sobre els 30ºC i mínimes acostant-se als 0ºC. 

Dels 54 mm acumulats durant el mes, 36'5 corresponen a l'epissodi de la setmana passada (divendres i dissabte).

Resum setembre 2012

 Temperatura mitjana: 16’2ºC
Mitjana mínimes: 9’3ºC
Mitjana màximes: 23’2ºC
Mínima absoluta: 1’1ºC el dia 27 de setembre
Màxima absoluta: 30’9ºC el dia 15 de setembre
Precipitació mes de setembre: 54’4 mm
Dies de pluja: 7
Aigua acumulada anual a fi de mes: 345’7 mm
Vent dominant: Garbí
Cop de vent màxim:  WNW de 42’8 km/h el dia 3 de setembre

Iniciem l'octubre amb un ambient tardoral, el terreny ben moll i una temperatura que invita a abrigar-se.
A Das, s'ha arribat als 0'6ºC
Un nou dia amb boira baixa al fons de la vall.
La previsió es que les temperatures vagin en ascens durant aquesta setmana i no s'esperen pluges.

Dades meteorològiques d’avui a Puigcerdà, a les 8 del matí 
 Temperatura actual: 3'5ºC 
Màxima d’ahir: 14'1ºC 
Mínima d’avui: 3'3ºC 
Pressió atmosfèrica: 1018 hp 
Humitat ambient: 84% 
Humitat mínima d'ahir: 51% a les 15.34 h
 Pluja en 24 h: ---- 
 Estat del cel: 1/8 de cel tapat 
Visibilitat: Excel·lent
Cop de vent màxim: Ponent de 14 km/h
Avui matí a les 08.30 h.
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Greece's Golden Dawn party embracing extremist role

By Andy Dabilis for Southeast European Times in Athens -- 17/09/12

Golden Dawn capitalises on an anti-immigrant stance, but many Greeks refuse to accept the party.

Members of the Greek extreme right Golden Dawn party hold red flares outside the town hall of Perama, near Athens, during an election campaign rally. [Reuters]

Although Greece country suffers through a crushing economic crisis, most citizens are not desperate enough to embrace the hate rhetoric and immigrant-bashing of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party.

"They have a bad history and violence breeds violence," Athens resident Stavros Petropoulos, 35, told SETimes. "People are in despair, but Golden Dawn is a trend and they will be over."

The extremist group, which was regarded as a joke three years ago when it won only 0.29 percent in elections, got 6.97 percent this year to garner 18 parliamentary seats on an anti-immigrant platform and now has the support of 10 to 12 percent of voters, polls show.

But its leaders have been anything but parliamentarian after taking their seats. Several of its MPs took part in a party raid, smashing immigrants' stalls at a local fair, causing some to call for authorities to pull their political immunity.

The neo-Nazi party embraces an extremist ideology. They promised to rid the country of illegal immigrants and plant landmines on the borders to make sure no more came in. They put up hate flyers around Athens' gay club district. They said people with disabilities were undesirable. They even threatened to unleash "stormtroopers" on Greece.

Founded in the early 1980s by backers of the vicious military junta that governed Greece from 1967 to 1974 and tortured opponents, Golden Dawn party members wear black T-shirts bearing the meander, an ancient symbol that resembles a swastika. It gives away food and calls for blood banks for Greeks only, conjuring recollections of Aryan superiority messages in Nazi Germany.



"We feel disgusted in the parliament," Golden Dawn's leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos said in August. [Reuters]

Golden Dawn's leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos, who has twice been imprisoned and tossed out of the military, gives bombastic speeches against those he perceives as enemies, including the parliament, and has targeted the disaffected and dismissed criticism and suggestions the party should be banned. He would not talk to SETimes despite repeated requests for interviews.

With nearly 2 million people out of work and the country's politicians and rich elite above the fray, Golden Dawn has associated itself with the working class and poor, and played on the fears of illegal immigrants overrunning the country, who they blame for a surge in crime.

PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos said, however, that disdain for Golden Dawn is widespread among the mainstream parties. "Parliament cannot become a place for those nostalgic for fascism and Nazism," he said.

George Tzogopoulos, a research fellow at the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy in Athens, said the party's popularity should not be a surprise.

"Its rise is a normal phenomenon in a time of crisis," he told SETimes. "When people suffer, they tend to endorse the rhetoric of extreme parties."

Yiorgos Tsalikis, 45, a clerk at a fast food outlet in an Athens neighborhood said many Greeks who support Golden Dawn don't like what it stands for, but have given up on the country's leaders. "It's because of the despair people feel, they are desperate and don't trust politicians," he told SETimes.

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, overseeing an uneasy coalition with his otherwise rivals, the PASOK Socialists and the tiny Democratic Left, has been forced to take a harder turn to the right, ordering a roundup of illegal immigrants to be put in detention centers around the country.



Supporters of Golden Dawn secure an area where fellow party supporters are distributing food to residents suffering from the economic crisis at the Syntagma Square in Athens. [Reuters]

"Many Greeks are for different reasons disappointed by the established political system and they express this disappointment, or anger by voting for Golden Dawn which appears itself as an anti-systemic movement," Klapsis said.

Alex Afouxenidis, a sociologist at the Athens-based National Centre of Social Research told SETimes that, "Golden Dawn managed to bring together a number of people who existed across the established political spectrum. There have always been many, many people in Greece with such opinions, extreme right wing, racist, and highly conservative."

"I don't like them, but they are the only party that does something," Yiota Lazarou, 18, told SETimes.

Alexandros Sakellariou, a sociologist and researcher at Panteion University in Athens, told SETimes that he's worried that young Greeks especially are ignorant of the Nazi occupation of Greece and atrocities. "This means that the ground is fertile for Golden Dawn," he said, adding that he thinks the party is dangerous.

"They attack immigrants and other social or religious groups and homosexuals and Muslims, threatening them that they are the next to come. Golden Dawn does not have any legitimate place in the government, but it does have a legitimate place in the political arena from the moment it is a legitimate political party," he said.

Greece's Golden Dawn party embracing extremist role (

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CC BY and the Truth-Printing Business

Why are dollars worth anything? Why are digits on a bank statement worth anything? When my server tells our payments provider to move bits from your credit card, why does it matter to you?

In practical terms, dollars are valuable because other people will give you stuff or do things for you in exchange. Or at least they will if you can convince their bank to change the digits in their bank account. Their bank has to trust your bank which has to trust you. It all works because we all trust it will work. And why do we trust that it will work?

There are governments and laws to back them up. Why do we trust the government and laws? In practical terms we trust the government and laws because... well... they have ballot boxes. And judges and police forces. But mostly we trust the government and legal system because it sort of works and is often not abusive. At the bottom, it's because there's this web of trust which collectively holds everything together. Until of course, it doesn't. Because there isn't a bottom, it's turtles all the way down.

If you haven't heard of Bitcoin, let me give you this non-technical summary. Bitcoin is a recent implementation of the idea that money based on a web of cryptographically secured assertions is sounder than money based on a web of governmentally secured assertions. If as many people believed in cryptography as believe in astrology, we'd be using Bitcoin today.

The magic result is that an entity that gets society to trust its currency can then print money.

When the currency is truth rather than coin, judges and guns don't work so well. Traditional hierarchical authority systems are breaking down. What's replacing them is open authority systems. Systems such as wikipedia which allow everyone to participate in the construction of truth, not by being correct, but by being fixable. And to the frustration of many, Wikipedia delegates all its authority to things that are "citeable".

So how do you get to be an authority that Wikipedia believes? The two criteria that seem to matter most are
  1. Openness. If wikipedians can't read you, you don't exist. 
  2. Authority. People need to believe you. 
If you notice the circularity here, you'll see that printing truth and printing money are not so different.

As usual, I take a long time getting around to my point. Which is this: If you want to be in the business of printing truth, the best license to choose for your business is the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY). For now. And if you're printing science, medicine, technology or even philosophy, I really hope you want to print truth.

The Creative Commons part speaks to the need to be open. In the age of the internet, you can't print truth and keep it secret. No one will believe you.

The Attribution part builds your most valuable asset, your reputation. No one believes anonymous assertions.

You might ask about other options, for example, Non-Commercial (NC), No Derivatives(ND), Share-Alike (SA).

I've written about reasons to use NC and ND. Those reasons don't apply to the truth-printing business.

Can you imagine if your dollar bill said "This note is legal tender for all non-commercial debts public or private". That would be silly. The whole point of money is that it doesn't change depending on its use. And its the same with truth. There ain't no such thing as non-commercial truth. You can't control the uses of the truth you print. You can't even demand that people who consume your truth share that truth the same as you do..

A lot of people get confused about using no-derivative licenses. They think that if you print that the sky is blue, your credibility will be hurt if someone reprints a derivative of your truth and says the sky is black. But that's exactly what the attribution requirements prevent. But more than that, if you print your truth as chiseled in stone, then no one will believe it in a few years or so, because we all know that the truth hasn't been chiseled in stone for at least two thousand years. Nowadays we can make cryptographically strong proofs that assertions aren't being fiddled with and were made by the entities they're attributed. We can track the trail of assertions through history. And the provider of that chain of provenance is you, the truth printing proprietor. The longer the trail of conflicting assertions, the more crucial your authority as a truth printer becomes.

The problem of turning the currency of truth into harder currency is left as an exercise for the reader.
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Malaysia: Ongoing efforts to cement lead in Islamic finance sector

CONTINUOUS efforts were taken to further position Malaysia as the leader in Islamic finance as Islamic finance continued to gain significant importance in the global financial market.

These included a recent review of laws relating to land, hire purchase and contract applicable to Islamic finance by the Law Harmonisation Committee to ensure their compatibility with Shariah and proposed amendments to the legislation to facilitate Islamic finance transactions. On the international front, global engagement and alliances in Islamic finance continued to be fostered in the first seven months of 2012.
The International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance has signed MoUs with the World Bank and the Islamic Financial Services Board in efforts to enhance collaboration on sharing of knowledge, undertaking research, development, training, and education in the Islamic financial services industry.
The Islamic capital market has contributed significantly to the development of the overall capital market and remains as important alternative source for raising capital. As at end-July 2012, 825 Shariah-compliant securities were listed on Bursa Malaysia, representing 89% of total listed securities with a market capitalisation of RM931bil or 65% or total market capitalisation.
In the first seven months of 2012, the trading volume of shariah-compliant securities increased to 148.4 billion units of the total 222.2 billion units traded.
Malaysia remains on the forefront of innovation and development of sukuk and continues to be the global leader in the sukuk market, accounting for 68% of total global sukuk outstanding as at July 31.
Malaysia retained its number one position for issuing sukuk, with a market share of 71% as at end-July. Bursa Malaysia remains the top sukuk listing destination, with 19 sukuk listed totalling RM99.6bil as at July 31.
During the first seven months of 2012, two Islamic fund management licences were approved, bringing the number of full-fledged Islamic fund management companies to 18. During the same period, an additional Islamic unit trust fund and four Islamic unit trust and four Islamic wholesale funds were launched.
As at end-July, the total net assets value (NAV) of Islamic unit trust funds stood at RM33bil and the Islamic wholesale funds at RM14bil.
Meanwhile, the number of Islamic REITs stood at three, with a market capitalisation of RM3.6bil as at end-July. Similarly, the Islamic ETF remained at one with total NAV of RM300mil.
Bursa Suq Al-Sila’ being the world’s first end-to-end Shariah-compliant commodity trading platform, has added Refined, Bleached and Deodorised palm olein as new commodity offering to meet greater demand from local and international players for commodity-based Islamic financing and investment.
Meanwhile, the Islamic banking business continued to expand in the first seven months of 2012.
Total assets grew 20.6% to RM469.5bil as at end July, representing 24.2% of the total banking system assets.
Total deposits rose 21.3% to RM362.7bil, or 26.1% as at end-July.
Total Islamic financing continued to grow 19.3% to RM294.2bil and accounted for 26.6% of total loans by the banking system.
Financing of the Islamic banking system was predominantly channeled to the household sector and accounted for 65%, or RM191.1bil as at end-July.
The takaful industry expanded further during the first seven months of 2012, with assets increasing to RM18.3bil and accounting for 9% of the total insurance and takaful industry assets as at end-July.
The bulk of takaful assets were concentrated in Islamic debt securities and Government Investment Issues, which amounted to 74.4% of total takaful assets.
(The Star Online / 28 Sep 2012)
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Pflimlin doit partir…il sait maintenant que le Gouvernement ne tirera pas un trait sur son catastrophique passage à France Télé.

Pflimlin doit partir…il sait maintenant que le Gouvernement ne tirera pas un trait sur son catastrophique passage à France Télé.
Le 3 juillet 2010, le blog CGC Médias publiait un article quelques jours avant que Nicolas Sarkozy ne nomme Pflimlin sur la situation catastrophique qu’il laissait après quelques 4 ans de foutoir. L’entreprise où il sévissait, Presstalis (ex NMPP) était en quasi faillite.
A l’époque, le Premier Ministre François Fillon pour montrer Pflimlin sous son meilleur jour, avait décidé de mettre le contribuable à contribution avec une recapitalisation in extremis de Presstalis !  « L’État mettait la main à la poche à hauteur de 11 millions d’euros pour sauver de la faillite Presstalis que dirigeait donc Remy Pflimlin depuis juillet 2006 ».
La gestion Pflimlienne de Presstalis avait conduit à un déficit d’exploitation qui devait dépasser, au total, les 100 millions d’euros pour sa dernière année de plein exercice,  
- Une société qui était, en état de dépôt de bilan virtuel ;
- Avec quasiment plus de trésorerie;
- Des fonds négatifs qui s’élevaient pour l’année N-1 à 70 millions d’euros;
- La nomination par le gouvernement d'un inspecteur des finances, Bruno Mettling, chargé de  réaliser une étude sur la viabilité financière de l’entreprise ;
- Et au bout du bout, 11 millions d'euros de l'argent public apportés par "La Direction du Développement des Médias (Service de Matignon)" qui n’avait pas peut-être pas l’intention d’accorder cette somme mais qui respectait ses engagements en la versant;
- en prime un effort des actionnaires pour recapitaliser l'entreprise au bord du gouffre avec "une augmentation de capital proposée, par un apport de chaque éditeur à hauteur de 1% de son volume d'affaires annuel, soit près de 17,5 millions d'euros...somme qui servirait de capital de départ à la nouvelle structure."
C’est cela que Pflimlin dans une interview donnée presque le même jour que ces chiffres, qualifiait de " réussite mondiale...que regardent les professionnels de la presse chinoise " et que le blog CGC Média relatait dans post intitulé « Rémy Pflimlin, les chinois nous l'envient... ».
Aujourd’hui, Presstalis annonce un plan social qui vise la moitié des salariés pour imaginer s’en sortir.
A 2 ans d’intervalle c’est presque la même situation que connait France Télévisions avec Pflimlin.
Seulement cette fois-ci ni Jérôme Cahuzac, ni Jean-Marc Ayrault n’ont décidé de sauver la tête de Pflimlin en tirant un trait sur sa « gestion » invraisemblable de l’entreprise.
Pour le budget 2013, le Gouver­nement s’il épargne Radio France avec 625 millions d'euros de budget, l'Institut National de l'Audiovisuel (92 millions) dont le budget ne baisse que de  0,5 % ou encore Arte  France qui avec 268 millions ne sera amputé que de 0,3 % ni même celui de l'Audiovisuel Extérieur de la France quasi inchangé à 169 millions d'euros, concernant Pflimlin et France Télé l’addition est salée.
Pflimlin a fait assez de dégâts depuis son arrivée. Ce sera finalement une baisse de 3,4 % du budget 2013. Pour arriver à une baisse finale de l'enveloppe de 85 millions d'euros, le Gouvernement devrait va réduire la dotation budgétaire censée compenser, ­depuis 2009, l'arrêt de la publicité après 20 heures et qui était encore de 450 millions d'euros en 2012.
Pflimlin imaginait peut-être qu’en gonflant les chiffres des recettes publicitaires à 425 millions d'euros dans le cadre du COM qu’il a fait signer à l’actionnaire alors que les recettes de pub pour 2012 ne devraient pas dépasser 350/360 millions d'euros (comme nous l’avions écrit), il allait continuer à faire supporter au contribuable ses erreurs manifestes ! A l’évidence, il avait tort.
Même si l'autre source de financement, la redevance augmente « mécaniquement » affirme-t-on en haut lieu du fait de l'indexation sur l'inflation (une hausse d’environ 2 euros qui la placerait à 127 euros, nonobstant une  hausse de 1 à 2 euros supplémentaires qui pourrait être ajoutée par les députés), ce devrait être au total jusqu’à -150 millions d'euros qui manqueraient pour 2013.
Il n’est pas question pour Pflimlin de sauver la face avec « l’inévitable plan social »dont il parle ! Lui qui a procédé, depuis son arrivée, à quelques 800 recrutements souvent de collaborateurs au titre ronflant, en violant non seulement les termes du COM mais surtout en explosant de la manière la plus irresponsable qui soit, toutes les charges de l’entreprise, il doit aujourd’hui en tirer les conséquences.
Et s’il veut des départs, il n’a qu’à commencer par lui-même, ses équipes pléthoriques et son armée mexicaine !!
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Fantástico día de lluvia este pasado sábado día 29 de septiembre del 2012, día en el que recibimos en Cataluña una buena ración, causado por la borrasca que viajó desde el Suroeste peninsular hasta nuestras mismas costas, dejando abundantes cantidades de precipitación en prácticamente todo el territorio catalán, exceptuando el Pirineo de Lleida, donde las lluvias apenas acumularon unos litros.

Registros que superaron los 100 mm. en muchos observatorios, lluvia que cayó sin ser torrencial, pero que al estar más de 15 horas lloviendo sin parar, los ríos y rieras se llenaban de torrentes de agua marrón por la gran cantidad de litros caídos durante la jornada, aunque afortunadamente lo hicieron en mucho mayor tiempo que en el Sur y Sureste peninsular, donde finalmente se han producido, hasta el momento, 10 víctimas mortales desgraciadamente.

Viendo las imágenes de los radares meteorológicos, tanto de Cataluña como de toda la península, podemos ver el movimiento que tuvieron estas precipitaciones, y como al llegar al Mediterráneo, comenzaron a tener movimiento ciclónico, es decir, movimiento contrario a las agujas del reloj, perfectamente acordes al movimiento que la borrasca les daba. Es espectacular ver como se movían de forma casi circular, entrando a Cataluña por la zona de Girona y saliendo por la costa de Tarragona.

En este vídeo también se ve perfectamente el movimiento de esta borrasca en las imágenes del satélite. Fijaros en la banda de nubes que vienen hacia Cataluña tras recorrer la zona sobre el Mediterráneo. Se ve perfectamente como al llegar frente a la costa catalana, las nubes comienzan a crecer y expandirse como un abanico, realmente una imagen espectacular, dando una idea del por qué de esas lluvias tan intensas y extensas.

Curiosamente, las tormentas no aparecieron durante la jornada en nuestra zona, solo afectaron a los dos extremos de Cataluña y también fueron activas sobre el mar, como se ve en el mapa de rayos.

En Sant Boi se recogieron 60.2 mm. durante el episodio de 2 días de precipitaciones, una gran noticia para nuestros bosques y, por supuesto, nuestra zona del río y toda la vegetación de ribera.

Destacar  la crecida que sufría el río Llobregat, más que notable, comparado con el caudal que ha llevado durante todo el verano, bastante seco.

Destacar también el estado del mar, bastante alterado, cosa que hizo, por ejemplo, que el triatlón que se tenía que disputar en Gavà se acortara y no se disputara el apartado de natación en el mar.

Estos fueron algunos registros más destacados de la jornada en Cataluña.


Sant Hilari Girona 90.0 17:00
Caldes de Montbui Barcelona 81.6 19:00
Tarragona Tarragona 78.2 20:00
Reus Aeropuerto Tarragona 66.2 20:00
Vilassar de Dalt Barcelona 63.2 19:00


Alella - Centre (Barcelona) 109,6
Riells del Fai (Barcelona) 99,3
Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona) 93,4
Sant Julià de Vilatorta (Barcelona) 90,1
Solità i P. Castell (Barcelona) 88,0
Mollet - Barri Santa Rosa (Barcelona) 87,2
Sant Hilari Sacalm (Girona) 83,4
Roda de Ter (Barcelona) 83,0
Manlleu (Barcelona) 82,2
St. Fost de Campsentelles (Barcelona) 76,2

En un próximo post os pondré todo el material recopilado durante estos dos días de precipitaciones y cielos realmente espectaculares.

Pero de momento os dejo los enlaces de mis retransmisiones en directo que realicé desde mi canal en, donde podréis ver los diferentes momentos del seguimiento, con mis comentarios de como se estaba desarrollando el episodio de temporal de lluvias.

La calidad de la imagen no es la misma que en mis grabaciones en HD, por supuesto, pero da una idea de lo que fue este episodio y de mi seguimiento.

En cuanto pueda publicaré, como os digo, el post con todas las imágenes recopiladas, con mayor calidad.

Desde L'Hospitalet hacia Sant Boi, así retransmitía la situación.

Así era la llegada a Sant Boi

Así comentaba la situación camino del río, al cuál fui a captar imágenes.

Así retransmitía en directo la situación de la crecida del río Llobregat.

En esta otra retransmisión, podréis ver la lluvia fuerte entre Sant Boi y la zona de Port Ginesta y oir mis comentarios sobre como seguía la situación.

Por último os dejo la retransmisión que realicé desde la playa, enseñando en directo la situación del mar, con un cielo bastante espectacular. También aquí podréis escuchar mis comentarios y como interactuaba en directo con compañeros de afición que me enviaban mensajes en tiempo real a través de la aplicación de mi móvil en bambuser. La verdad que la tecnología muchas veces me sorprende.

Y hasta aquí este seguimiento meteorológico especial de este temporal de lluvia, por este embolsamiento de aire en altura, una DANA que, desgraciadamente en su periplo por la península, ha dejado graves destrozos y, hasta el momento, 10 víctimas mortales, entre Andalucía y Murcia.

Muchas gracias por vuestra atención.

Rafa García.

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SPUC's Anthony McCarthy debunks the gay lobby's 'bigot' label

Anthony McCarthy, SPUC's education and publications manager, was interviewed earlier this month by Rod Liddle, The Sunday Times columnist, along with Peter Tatchell, the veteran homosexual campaigner and Ed Fordham, the vice-chair of LGBT Liberal Democrats. Do watch the video of the interview, either below at the end of this blog-post or on The Sunday Times website. Here is a transcript of Anthony's excellent comments:
"I think objecting to what Nick Clegg said doesn't equate to bigotry! ... I think his statements about gay marriage, the fact that the Lib Dems coalition government never put in any proposal for gay marriage in their coalition agreement or even in their manifestos, and this is one of the most important changes being proposed ever, makes me rather suspicious of Mr Clegg."

"The proposals for gay marriage completely redefine marriage; they turn it into a genderless institution ... [T]here's no reference to children whatsoever, and also there's no rationale, then, for not privatising marriage, or even having incestuous marriages or having threesomes as we're seeing now in Brazil. All of that foundation which we build around children is actually shattered at the level of law, with this new conception of marriage."

"We're not going to be bullied by people who fling names at us rather than listening to our arguments. Calling people 'bigots' is not an argument, it's not particularly clever and it's rather bullying." Liddle: "... [I]t marks you down as people not to be taken seriously." Anthony McCarthy: "Yes. The other thing, it lumps - and I know that Peter Tatchell does this very often - he tries to draw parallels with racially-mixed marriages and with the opposition to that in some American states some time back ... I do think that (opposition to racially-mixed marriages) is bigotry, without a doubt; but of course those (were) heterosexual marriages. They did nothing to change the nature of marriage, so we are dealing with a completely different kind of argument there. Yet this constant lumping-together, to depict the opponents of (same-sex marriage) as bigots, is a form of thought-control. I hope people can see through it." 

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Colombia: terremoto di magnitudo 7.1!

Un forte terremoto di magnitudo 7.1 ha colpito una regione montuosa del sud-ovest della Colombia. L'Istituto americano di geofisica (USGS) ha rivisto al ribasso la magnitudo del terremoto poco dopo che era stato segnalato a 7.4. Il terremoto il cui epicentro è stato localizzato 20 km a est della città di La Vega e 326 km a nord est di Quito, Ecuador, ad una profondità di 150,4 km, si è verificato alle 04:31 GMT ( 16:31 in Italia ), secondo l'USGS.

Secondo le statistiche USGS, una quindicina di terremoti di magnitudo 7,0 si verificano ogni anno, ma ci sono stati cinque terremoti di elevata intensità segnalati in tutto il pianeta negli ultimi 45 giorni.
Il 14 agosto un terremoto di magnitudo 7,7 è stato registrato nel Mare di Okhotsk vicino Russia orientale.
Il 27 agosto, un terremoto di magnitudo 7,3 ha colpito al largo della costa di El Salvador.
Il 31 agosto, un terremoto di magnitudo 7,6  ha colpito nei pressi delle Isole Filippine.
Il 5 settembre, un terremoto di magnitudo 7,6  ha colpito al largo delle coste del Costa Rica.
IL terremoto di oggi è stato originariamente registrato come 7,4 dal USGS. Non ci sono state segnalazioni di danni iniziali

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画像 田中真紀子大臣 森口泰孝事務次官を女子トイレに呼び出し



文部科学省 森口泰孝事務次官の写真


報道 文科省事務次官を女子トイレに呼び寄せ









【そうですか。一方で、目玉として田中 真紀子氏さんの存在なんですけども。やっぱりこれは中国との関係を意識しての人事ということになりますか?】







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Peter Thiel and Reid Hoffman talk Silicon Valley, hits and misses


High profile Valley startup founders Peter Thiel and Reid Hoffman (of Paypal/Facebook and LinkedIn, respectively) discuss innovation in Silicon Valley, the coming mobile economy, and their greatest hits and misses in this Forbes video interview.

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Model Cities Update

The Honduran press has been full of news about Model Cities over the last couple of weeks.

As our readers will recall, the oversight and transparency commission, headed by Paul Romer resigned en masse because they were shut out of the negotiations with Grupo MGK, and when they asked, denied permission to review the Memorandum of Understanding between Honduras and this group.

This lack of transparency seems not to bother Porfirio Lobo Sosa one bit.  With the removal of Romer and the other "transparency commission" members from the oversight and approval process, this means that the Honduran Congress has all the oversight  and approval power in the Model Cities process.

In a 50 minute interview with Michael Strong on a libertarian internet radio program on September 10, we learned that Strong plans that his model city will be in the valley around San Pedro Sula, and is not interested in the other locations being discussed.  So much for idea that model cities would be in uninhabited areas: the San Pedro Sula area is the business and industrial center of the country, a region already host to many free enterprise zones (maquilas). San Pedro itself is the country's second-largest city.

Michael Strong is not proposing to build Paul Romer's vision of a model city.

Strong's vision differs, he says, in four key ways.  First, it is based on the entrepeneurial model he says rules in Silicon Valley:  start small and when that works, scale it up.  In Strong's Free City, residents have access to the best laws without having to be governed by foreigners.  Strong sees this as more respectful of local autonomy and sovereignty than Romer's model. Third, the governor, a Honduran, chooses what legal systems are available to the residents. Thus residents can have contracts based on Honduran law, or, as Strong advocated in the interview, on Texas business law, because that is the closest to the 19th century ideal he favors.  Strong says, finally, that his model does not rely on a land grant from the Honduran government, but rather purchases the land to increase its size as needed.

There are signs that this normally rubber-stamp Honduran Congress is restless about the Model Cities project, however.

Juan Orlando Hernandez, the head of the Congress, and  a presidential candidate for the National Party, announced this week that any vote establishing the bounds of the land for Grupo MGK would be delayed until after the primary elections in November.  Ostensibly, the reason was that there were then 24 legal challenges to the law filed with the Supreme Court-- a number now much, much higher.

Practically, model cities are a political hot potato with the electorate.  Moving the vote after the primary elections may also be intended to prevent voter backlash.

Meanwhile, Hernandéz main legislation writing proxy in the Congress is hard at work, trying to fix the flaws in the law, presumably so that after the primaries, Hernandéz and company can proceed with their ever-evolving introduction of new colonialism in Honduras.

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Donate 5% of Profits from MTV’s The Valleys to local charity Petition

As someone who has family living in the Valleys and is sick of the negative stereotypes, continued exploitation and attitudes towards the residents i’m happily support and promote the call for Viacom MTV's owners to doante 5% of their profits of the show to a local valleys charity if we have to endure this car crash TV for the foreseeable future  - If you agree the Petition is HERE

And for all those Cardiff residents saying this is what Valleys folk are like and complaining they ruin their City on weekend, here’s a great last paragraph to an article from award winning author Rachel Tresize on the cynical exploitation of MTV with The Valleys 

After the 1794 opening of the Glamorganshire Canal, constructed to float iron and coal from the valleys to the nearest coast, (which happened to be Cardiff), international trade encouraged a dock and then a dockland to spring up around the canal’s mouth. Without it we’d find ourselves in a very different Wales: the valleys town of Merthyr Tydfil its capital and Cardiff a mere ‘hamlet’.

The full article is HERE

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日本触媒 事故原因と重合



引火点 68 °C
沸点141 °C(追記)

何が原因なのか… 日本触媒「ここ数日、タンク異常なかった」 2012.9.29 22:17





工場火災、放水中に爆発!消防隊員1人焼死 2012.9.30 05:02



重合防止剤の不足 点検の有無の可能性について


2012/09/30 05:17:37
from Echofon
@Portirland 得られている情報だけでの推測。毎日JPには「爆発で飛び散ったゼリー状の物質」とあるので、これはポリマー?同じく「アクリル酸を中間貯蔵する円柱形のタンク」とあるので、貯蔵タンクと判断。よって重合防止剤不足→自然重合→温度上昇→暴走反応を起こしたのかな、と。

2012/09/30 05:29:09
@ogyomo 情報深謝です。連続生産中に起こるとすれば、前からもあり得ると思うので、定期点検か何かでプラント止めてたと思いますか? @ogyomo @Portirland 得られている情報だけでの推測。毎日(cont)

2012/09/30 05:49:02
from Echofon
@Portirland そこは目を付け忘れていました。>「連続生産中に起こるとすれば、前からもあり得ると思う」仰る通り連続運転ならば起きなさそうですね。ふつう重合防止剤濃度低下って長期保管とかが原因ですし。そうなるとやはり仰るように定期点検等の理由で止めていたかですよね。




2012/09/30 06:02:51
@ogyomo 仮に重合としても、温度が低ければ反応は緩やかでしょうし(ただ、内部の反応熱によるものと、量によるとは思うのです)。
@ogyomo @Portirland そこは目を付け忘れていました。>「連続(cont)
オギョモ (@ogyomo)
2012/09/30 06:30:23
from Echofon
@Portirland 温度管理はとても気になります。仰る通り温度が制御できれば反応も抑えられますし。モニタはしているが制御していない、はあり得そうですが、6m弱のタンクなので冷却機くらいはついていても良さそうです。管制室で温度上昇を捉えたそうなので、モニタは出来ていた?




2012/09/30 13:35:33
from Echofon
@Portirland ちなみに北大大谷教授はリアクタの暴走反応という見解ですね。 というか日本「触媒」だから触媒系の学者さんに伺ったっぽいですが、この事故についての見解は同業他社か高分子、化学工学系の人の方に聞くべきではないかと。
▲反応で発熱、暴走し爆発か 日本触媒事故 2012/9/29 22:46

 大谷文章・北海道大触媒化学研究センター教授(触媒反応化学)の話 アクリル酸は別の有機化合物の酸化反応でつくるが、それは熱が出る反応。いわば燃えているようなもので、反応を制御して温度の上昇を防がなければならない。何らかのトラブルで制御ができなくなると反応は暴走し、温度の上昇が止められずに発火する。 

2012/09/30 14:35:02
 from Echofon
@Portirland すみません、大谷教授のTwitterによると共同通信からの連絡でコメントをしたそうなので、日経取材ではないそうです。大谷教授は自分のフィールド内(タンクの前段リアクタでの触媒反応)でお話をされていますね。うちみたいに門外漢なのにあれこれ推測するでもなく。

2012/09/30 14:35:30
from Echofon
@Portirland だんだん分からなくなってきました。大谷教授曰くタンクの前段(プロピレン→アクリル酸)、後段(アクリル酸→各種ポリマー)のリアクタでの暴走反応なら、タンクより先にリアクタで温度異常が検知(それ以前に温度制御)されるべきですし…また何か情報あれば共有します。

▲日本触媒姫路工場爆発 地図と場所 核物質保管か 2012/09/29


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South Wales Evening Post – Wales best Selling newspaper

We all know that newspaper circulation for daily papers is falling and the Western Mail claims to be Wales’s National newspaper is misguided at best, but the figures from January to June 2012 prove it and despite the South Wales Evening Post strong showing, it along with all papers saw a decline in circulation in the first 6 months of 2012.

The South Wales Evening Post’s average daily circulation was 36,623, more than 6 thousand more than its nearest rival the Daily Post at 30,585 and then the next best is the South Wales Echo with 30,178.

Next comes the Western Mail with an average daily circulation of 25,435 then the South Wales Argus 21,437 and the Wrexham Leader with 15,314, worryingly the figures show falls of between 4 and 9% in average circulation in the 6 months to June.

It makes you wonder how we can call Wales a serious democracy with such poor newspaper circulation and  interest from those titles in the daily goings on in Welsh politics.

More details HERE
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▲東京品川いじめまとめ 加害者を学校追求せず隠蔽 2012/09/30


暴力は1学期から 2学期にさらに悪化


▲大津いじめ加害者山田晃也の週刊新潮記事写真 転校先で集団リンチ 被害者自●は『父親のDV』と発言 2012/07/19
▲大津いじめ加害者写真 木村小綱山田の報道と学校での評判 あだ名は『陰キャラ』 2012/07/17









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複数の生徒から「ばか」「消えろ」などの暴言を受け、暴力があったとの情報あり(東京新聞)HomeAny source