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An Iranian woman walks past a mural showing a gun painted with an interpretation of the American flag on the wall of the former US embassy in Tehran on 25 September 2013. (Photo: AFP ~ Atta Kenare)

September 30, 2013

Many attribute Iran’s recent “charm offensive” toward the West to the election of President Hassan Rouhani. Upon closer look, it appears that the intransigent Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the uncompromising Ali Khamenei were in fact the ones who opened the way for the current breakthrough.

Perhaps the most superficial analysis of the positive turn that US-Iranian relations have taken says that the “oppressed” Iranian people threw off the yolk of the conservatives and voted a moderate, reformist into office who is willing to deal with Washington.

In fact, well before President Hassan Rouhani decided to run for elections, in a 21 March 2013 speech, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei began to draw the outlines of a more flexible stance on his country’s nuclear program.
Khamenei called this new approach “revolutionary flexibility” or “heroic flexibility,” saying that “flexibility is useful ~ and sometimes necessary.”
In the course of his speech, the supreme leader expressed the Islamic Republic’s willingness to place the country’s nuclear activities under the supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in return for recognizing Iran’s right to enrich uranium and carry on with its peaceful nuclear program.

Khamenei called this new approach “revolutionary flexibility” or “heroic flexibility,” saying that “flexibility is useful ~ and sometimes necessary.”Such a turn would not have been possible during Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s term ~ not as a result of the former president’s uncompromising disposition toward the West, but circumstances at the time simply did not allow any kind of rapprochement between the two sides.

George W. Bush and the neocons still had the upper hand in Washington when Ahmadinejad came into office, with no option before the incoming president than to stand strong in the face of Western pressure or submit as his predecessor Mohammad Khatami had done without extracting any concessions in return.

With the blessings of Khamenei, Tehran at the time decided to take a harder line, forging ahead with its nuclear program in the face of mounting threats from Israel and the West. When Ahmadinejad came into office, for example, Iran possessed but a few hundred centrifuges of the first generation. At the end of his term, the country was operating around 17,000, with another thousand, second-generation centrifuges about to be put into service.

Ahmadinejad’s offensive succeeded, particularly in light of Washington’s growing difficulties in the region and the onset of a debilitating financial crisis in 2008. As the 2013 elections approached, Khamenei determined that it was time for a more flexible approach that would nevertheless remain firm on the core principles, specifically Iran’s right to develop nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

There is no doubt that Ahmadinejad’s personality was amenable to the task at hand, just as Rouhani’s is also suitable for the course Tehran has decided to take today.
But at the end of the day, what determines the policies adopted on a matter as important as Iran’s nuclear program are the given circumstances, the outlook of state institutions, and the predisposition of the supreme leader.
The question remains: Has Iran pushed forth with its nuclear achievements in order to take a step back in return for international recognition of its right to develop nuclear energy? 

That is, did it reach 20 percent enrichment only to concede in return for 5 percent enrichment? 

Or does it seek full recognition of all its nuclear activities in return for concessions in other files, like Syria? 

The coming weeks and months will tell.
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2011年重賞 穴馬指定馬(軸


2012年重賞 穴馬指定馬(軸)


2013年重賞 穴馬指定馬(軸)









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穴馬会員+推奨4頭&オッズ異常会員 (2か月契約で11/24まで)


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Deixem enrere el setembre i comencem l'octubre amb la mateixa tònica que dies anteriors, matinades fresques i calor de dia, amb unes amplituts tèrmiques importants que al setembre han estat quasi bé durant tot el mes per damunt dels 15ºC i la màxima amplitut la varem tenir el dia 22 amb 21'9ºC.
A punt per la posta d'ahir

La última posta de setembre

Dades meteorològiques d’avui a Puigcerdà, a les 8 del matí 
 Temperatura actual: 9'8ºC 
Màxima d’ahir: 21'7ºC 
Mínima d’avui: 9'5ºC a les 08.40 h
 Pressió atmosfèrica: 1010 hp 
Humitat ambient: 74% 
Humitat mín. d'ahir: 36% a les 17.26 h
 Pluja en 24 h: ---- 
 Estat del cel: 4/8 de cel tapat 
Visibilitat: bona
Cop de vent màxim: NNW de 16'2 km/h

Vull donar les gràcies a tots els seguidors que us interesseu per aquest bloc on dia a dia vaig posant les diferents dades meteorològiques de la vila de Puigcerdà i que ha permés que arribessin a les 70.000 les visites a aquesta pàgina.
Matinada d'avui, 1 d'octubre

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 9月23日の西谷修さんのブログ(西谷修──Global Studies Labolatory)「必見『標的の村』──「オモテナシ」のウラには何が?」を読んで,深く胸が痛んだ。高江のことを,「それとなく」気にかけていた,という程度の認識の甘さを恥じたからだ。やはり,このわたしも沖縄のことは他人事でしか考えてこなかったではないか,と。やはり,その場に立って,自分のからだをとおして感じ取ること,そこから思考を立ち上げること・・・・わかっていたつもりなのに,なにもわかってはいなかったではないか,と。








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Carwyn Jones the supermarket manager

This is a frighteningly accurate portrait from the Welshnot website of the Welsh Labour leader and First Minister and one which sits well with the majority of Welsh voters as poll after poll shows Carwyn is the most popular politician in Wales. But even the most popular supermarkets needs fresh ideas and leadership now and again as Tesco is proving.

The article in full is below and starts "The smile of Carwyn Jones is a remarkable thing.

It’s the kind of smile which lowers room temperature; which puts distant cattle on edge. It’s that icy thin smile; a tool of the trade for all good middle-managers.

And if you’re a supermarket chain looking for a safe pair of hands; someone to run a small regional store – Carwyn Jones is your man. He’ll keep it ticking over. He won’t cause a fuss.

He’s the chummy boss you’ll see wandering the aisles, being jovial and smiling his icy thin smile at customers and occasionally pointing at bits of cardboard that need tidying away.

He’ll share some awkward banter with the security guard. He’ll suck his teeth and listen intently to employees’ concerns: low pay, poor morale, lack of security. He hears you.

He’ll nod sympathetically and make consoling noises. He may even say something vaguely critical about those people in head office – they just don’t understand.

And then he’ll shuffle off back to his office and fiddle with his walkie talkie and read car reviews on the Internet.

Because Carwyn understands the essential rule of middle management – to do nothing. Don’t cause a fuss. Don’t try to be clever. If you really must do something, make sure it doesn’t affect anyone above you.

Keep it superficial. Rearrange things. Change colours. Swap things around. Buy an airport. Do things to make it look like you’re doing things – but do nothing.

This is the genius of Carwyn Jones. A man who runs Wales in the style of a supermarket branch manager. 

He understands his job description. He’s not there to change or to challenge – he’s there to maintain the policies of head office. And that’s a small group of people in London. 

They’re the people who once made it their policy to remove the Welsh language from Wales. They’re the people who introduced us to the glory of the free market. Who switched off our heavy industries.

They’re the people who decide which wars our teenagers should kill and be killed in. These were once powerful people. They had their own empire – but now they only have a sickly brand of Britishness to peddle.

And that’s what Carwyn does. However deranged or damaging their policies and attitudes are to Wales – it’s Carwyn’s job to maintain them. 

To go out and about – to listen to our concerns, to sympathise and to smile his icy thin smile. And then to shuffle off back to the Welsh Assembly – and do nothing."
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Career Lessons from Breaking Bad

AMC's Breaking Bad ended with a bang last Sunday, leaving viewers generally content and definitely shell shocked. Though the ride is over, we can finally look back at the series and reflect on how we can learn from both Heisenberg's victories and mistakes. How can a meth kingpin help you and your future careers? Here are some takeaways :

1. Be hard to replace : Find a specific skill set and make sure you are good enough that nobody can quickly take your place. Whether it be modeling, analysis, writing, communication, or even a certain product with a 99.1% purity, having a specific niche or strength can ensure job security. Just try not to kill fellow associates to eliminate competition.

2. Associate with the right people : If you are the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room. Surround yourself with people who you believe can bring out the best in you. Doing business with a high school dropout and drug addict will certainly lead to complications in the future, as Walt found out. Gus, on the other hand, was very strict on who he dealt business with. Only those who met his criteria and who had a low risk profile were considered. The moment he made an exception ultimately led to his downfall.

3. Be genuine : Walt has been manipulating Jesse for the entirety of the show. From poisoning Brock to letting his girlfriend die, he repeatedly lies to him. Had Walt just tried to be honest, Jesse would not have gone to the DEA, Hank would still be alive, and many of this season's shockers would probably not have happened, perhaps to the dismay of the audience. In order to foster relationships in the future, being genuine and caring for the interests of others will go a long way.

4. Always be the one who knocks

- Jesse Chai
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Basically, this poster contains the scrip to the video.

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ALEC front man indicted for corruption in Georgia

Remember when loony Georgia state lawmakers tried to make it a felony not just to picket, but to conspire to picket? Fortunately that attack on basic rightswas defeated by our brothers and sisters at Local 728 in Atlanta, along with the Tea Party, faith leaders, community groups and other labor unions.

Well, Sen. Don Balfour was one of the leaders of that attack. He's a front man for ALEC, the corporate dating service for state lawmakers. 

Or used to be. Now he's been indicted on 18 counts of corruption, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Jim Galloway writes:
A Fulton County grand jury has indicted state Sen. Don Balfour, R-Snellville, on 18 counts associated with alleged misuse of his legislative expense account, the Attorney General's office said Friday.
He also accepted money from ALEC:
The American Legislative Exchange Council awarded “scholarships” totaling $4,792 to Balfour from 2005 to 2009, records show. Corporate donors — including petroleum, pharmaceutical, utility, tobacco and health-care interests — funded the scholarships, which were meant to cover the costs of airfare and lodging to attend ALEC functions. The donations generally are not disclosed as lobbyist gifts, since ALEC does not have a registered lobbyist in Georgia.
It's unclear whether accepting those gifts (or lying about them) was part of the indictment.

That bill to criminalize picketing, by the way, was an ALEC bill. Jobs With Justice reported last year:
Georgia State Senator Don Balfour recently proposed legislation (SB 469) aimed at destroying labor unions, debilitating effective dissent and criminalizing planned peaceful direct action....The bill shares characteristics of model legislation from ALEC, an out-of-state, secretive, corporate-funded council that hands state legislators laws designed to benefit CEOs.
Let's just say we hope justice is served.Any source

30 de setembre de 2013 Dia variable


La cascada de Comials (PallarsSobirà)

Acabem setembre amb temperatures una mica més fresques però amb jornades variables amb moltes nuvolades. Les màximes avui han arribat als 23ºC o 24ºC al fons de les valls, als 16ºC a 19ºC a mitja muntanya i als 9ºC als 12ºC a alta muntanya.
Les mínimes han estat més baixes que ahir amb valors entre 9ºC i 13ºC a les valls i a mitja muntanya i entre 5ºC i 7ºC a alta muntanya.

Resum mensual de precipitació:

Esterri A. 49mm
Planes de Son 50,8mm
Llagunes 54,6mm
Farrera 37,6mm
Amitges 69mm
Port Ainé 69,8mm
Rialp 32mm
Escaló 50,2mm
Alins 37,6mm
Sort 42,8mm
Quanca 70,2mm
Capdella 80,4mm
Estany Gento 78,2mm
Pla de Beret 54,6mm
Sant Joan de Toran 109mmAny source

McKesson workers more stressed than overpaid CEO

John Hammergren might think he's worth the $51.7 million he takes home from McKesson, the health care company he heads. After all, he puts up with a lot of stress.

He'd be wrong.

Keith Payne in Scientific American recently described the kind of stress CEOs like Hammergren put up with: CEO ... had to drag himself out of bed each morning and muster his game face. It would be a long day of telling other people what to do. It got so bad ... he had no choice but to take a year off work to sail across the Atlantic Ocean with his family.
Poor thing!

But it turns out it isn't the people at the top who experience the most stress. It's actually the people at the bottom -- like the McKesson workers who don't take home enough money to afford health care.

A recent study of people taking executive courses at Harvard's business school divided the group into leaders and non-leaders. The conclusion?
On both surveys of anxiety and biological measures of cortisol, the leaders showed substantially lower levels of stress than the non-leaders. The results were the same in both business and the military. Leadership has its privileges.
Another study in the '60s showed British civil servants had more stress-related health problems the lower down on the rung they were.

Concludes the author,
The professional class may be stressed in their way. But the powerless are stressed in the way that kills. 

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Cronache perugine PT.3: ai posteri l'ardua sentenza

Ci son cose che vorresti non ti capitassero mai, altre che vorresti ti capitassero ma sotto sotto vorresti evitarle.

Questa è una di quelle della seconda categoria.

io , davanti ad un monitor imprecando i santi di XP , perché , perché  non puoi fare come i sistemi operativi normali? risorse di rete --> wheezy -->cartella .. ma tu no!

Una copisteria.. e per capire le copisterie a Perugia  bisogna capire il contesto: Perugia è una città universitaria e buona parte di tutto l'ecosistema "centro storico"  è funzionale alle facoltà.

Cosa serve a questo ecosistema? A parte i caffè "hipster" , localini dove prendere un aperitivo al prezzo di un rene cool e alla moda servono copisterie : stampe di tesi, fotocopie, dispense e cavoli vari , economici ed in grande quantità.

Ecco, una di queste, zona strategica, si è rivolta a me.

Necessitano di un serverino per risorse condivise e una svegliata al parco macchine.

Per il serverino no problem, Debian + samba e posso morire felice, farà esattamente quello che deve fare, io poi per essere sicuro ho schedulato un reboot mensile.

Ed ora viene il bello, 2 PC , due Pentium 4 con 2 Gb di RAM, macchine che vanno poco più che la mia stufetta.

Non posso mica darmi per vinto, tirati fuori i tool del mestiere inizia la bonifica.

Vi lascio immaginare cosa trovo in 2 PC con XP SP3 che sono quanto di più vicino alla professione della prostituta esista in informatica.

Un putiferio ma ccleaner di quà, colbofix di là, revo un po ovunque e la pulizia riesce .. per modo di dire.

Per fare il sync di una directory vuota su gigabit ci vogliono minuti.. non oso pensare aprire un file.

E qua balena l'idea: e se gli propongo la mia Xubuntu ?

per i curiosi:
Gli esperimenti vanno avanti , la mia Xubuntu è cresciuta.
la attuale poggia su 2 release, la ovvia 12.04 e la nuova 13.10, è diventata più veloce e con meno demoni, finalmente ha un installer, non come prima  dove usavo un file .img e si installa in modalità OEM (ok, ho attinto ad alcuni script d'avvio di un portatile hp che faceva la stessa cosa ma con ubuntu)

forse un giorno la giudicherò abbastanza valida da essere rilasciabile.. e mi butterò nel calderone dei manteiner

Si, la propongo.

Effettivamente che hanno da perdere ?

I pc diventeranno certamente più veloci e gradevoli per un utente.
Non avranno più bisogno di pulizie periodiche, neanche la più putrefatta delle chiavette li scalfirà.
Possono darla a bere a chi vogliono, non a me: nessuno scarica ICE XP se ha un seriale valido .. sparirebbe il problema licenze.

Ecco l'unico vero contro: qua la gente arriva con roba Microsoft Office.. ma studierò una soluzione indolore.

Ecco, ora i pc sono nel mio ufficio, pronti a prendere posto.

Quanto passerà prima del primo attacco di panico ?

Speriamo bene, voi intanto fate il tifo per me!
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Con il servizio COVER SKIN XBOX compatibile per Xbox360 PHAT & SLIM avete la possibilità di personalizzare a vostro piacimento la cover della vostra Xbox360, si tratta di un adesivo plastificato creato con materiale di alta qualità restistente all'acqua e al calore che produce l'Xbox360 durante il funzionamento, munita anche di un adesivo PERMANENTE molto resistente, quindi NON abbiate timore che con il tempo si possa staccare, la cover vi verrà applicata con precisione senza nemmeno una bolla d'aria come potete ben vedere nelle foto sottostanti, il servizio verrà effettuato solo su ordinazione per via delle tante versioni di SKIN disponibili e delle continue nuove uscite, per cui mi è impossibile prenderle tutte, siccome il mio fornitore è situato all'estero come tempistica ci vorranno circa 10 giorni lavorativi, MaxMod vi mette a disposizione due diversi tipi di servizio COVER SKIN XBOX, Servizio COVER SKIN XBOX senza montaggio (il montaggio verrà effettuato da voi), 20 Euro, Servizio COVER SKIN XBOX più montaggio di precisione come da foto sottostanti 25 Euro.
Servizio COVER SKIN XBOX senza montaggio, 20 Euro.
Servizio COVER SKIN XBOX con montaggio di precisione, 25 Euro.
Per il servizio SPEDIZIONE cliccate sul LINK.
Per consultare il LISTINO PREZZI cliccate sul LINK.
Per consultare il regolamento del BLOG cliccate sul LINK.
Per info sul RESET GLITCH HACK cliccate sul LINK.
Per consultare la sezione FEEDBACK cliccate sul LINK.


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Greater Napaneee to debate Not a Willing Host

The Township of Greater Napanee to discuss a motion to declare Not a Willing Host tomorrow, South Fredericksburg Hall, 2478 County Road 8 at 7 PM.
All area residents welcome.
Please see earlier post about Gilead Power 40-80 MW plans for the area.
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Outsourcing: 5 ways corporations grab your tax dollars

Greedy corporations just can't seem to get enough outsourcing, as they take control of public assets like roads, parking meters, schools and prisons.

None of this is news to anyone. But it seems the scope of outsourcing is growing and the pace is accelerating. Just in the past few days we note news items about the corporate takeover of our schools, our water, our prisons and our national air space. Corporations even manage to persuade taxpayers to pay for creating assets -- like football stadiums -- that benefit people who are already wealthy.

Here's a quick rundown:

Charter schools: Forbes reported recently on the corporate grab for local education dollars in a story, "Charter School Gravy Train Runs Express To Fat City." The magazine told it like it is:
On Thursday, July 25, dozens of bankers, hedge fund types and private equity investors gathered in New York to hear about the latest and greatest opportunities to collect a cut of your property taxes.
There are now more than 6,000 charter schools in the United States, 3,500 more than a decade ago, and they're educating 2.3 million children. These corporate schools can pick which students they admit, but local taxpayers pay for them. They're a great way for politicians to reward their cronies. In Ohio, Forbes reports,
...two firms operate 9% of the state’s charter schools and are collecting 38% of the state’s charter school funding increase this year. The operators of both firms donate generously to elected Republicans. 
Sadly, kids in corporate schools don't do any better than kids in public schools.

Air traffic control: Bloomberg tells us "Discussions about removing government management of the U.S. air-traffic control system are the most serious in two decades."

"Privatization is not the answer," responded a commenter identified as Exctyengr:
Most of these knuckleheads never served in the military nor flew in the air traffic system. ... We privatized much of the military and we got Blackwater and Halliburton and Kellogg, Brown and Root and how did that work out?  Did we get our money's worth?  Were there scandals? 
Prisons, of course: The Center for Media and Democracy reports prison industry giants like Corrections Corporation of America are making big profits by locking states into occupancy quotas and “low-crime taxes." Some states state are by the corporation to keep prisons full or pay a fee for unused beds. Cost-cutting by private prisons companies "has led to numerous lawsuits and litigation, fines, and increased need for federal oversight, at great cost to taxpayers, communities, inmates and their families." Instead of taxpayer money going to safer communities, it goes to CEO salaries: GEO Group CEO George C. Zoley's compensation was an eye-popping $22,315,704 from 2008-2012, almost all paid for by U.S. taxpayers.

NFL Football: Gregg Easterbrook at The Atlantic argues:
Taxpayers fund the stadiums, antitrust law doesn't apply to broadcast deals, the league enjoys nonprofit status, and Commissioner Roger Goodell makes $30 million a year. It's time to stop the public giveaways to America's richest sports league—and to the feudal lords who own its teams. 
Well, at least the players are allowed to belong to unions.

Water: In Fryeburg, Maine, a local taxpayer named Bruce Taylor doesn't want Nestle getting a sweetheart deal from state regulators to buy water for its Poland Springs bottled water business. Maine's Public Utilities Commission members all have financial ties to the corporate giant (no surprise there). Taylor told al-Jazeera America,
“They’re buying a commodity at a cheap regulated rate from a monopoly they own and are reselling it for a high profit in the form of bottled water you find in your local 7-11,” Taylor said. 
Taylor believes Nestle is paying too little for water and making too much profit off of Maine. He suggested “an inverted water rate for any commercial water that leaves the state of Maine.”
For more about the perils of outsourcing, read the Center for Media and Democracy's series on Outsourcing America Exposed.Any source



(1)半沢直樹 原作と倒産危機




  1. 伊勢島ホテルは運用損失で倒産危機
  2. 半沢直樹次長 東京中央銀行本店営業二部 大企業の資本系列
  3. 半沢直樹が伊勢島ホテルを頭取からの指名で担当
  4. 半沢直樹が金融庁検査官で黒崎検査官と企業再検のやりとり




  1. 金融庁検査で破綻した銀行がある
  2. 金融庁検査の結果、銀行員が逮捕される
  3. 黒崎検査官が国税局の職員時代に半沢直樹と因縁がある


半沢直樹 出向理由と黒幕頭取が話題となりましたが、半沢直樹ドラマとオレたち花のバブル組の原作は、ドラマのオリジナルの部分がいくつかあります。オレたち花のバブル組と半沢直樹ドラマの違いを比較することも、池井戸純さんの作品を楽しむ一つの方法であると思います。


  1. バブル入社の銀行員は多い
  2. 銀行の合併で役職ポストが減少
  3. 出世競争から脱落した銀行員は出向
半沢直樹 近藤裏切り理由と出向経歴でまとめていますが、近藤は優秀な銀行員であったものの運が悪いサラリーマンとして描かれています。近藤は半沢直樹の同期で、トップクラスの勢いで出世をしていましたが、転勤先で上司のパワハラで病気となり休職することになります。


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Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad UKIP?

The Tory Party conference is an odd affair: unlike the Labour bash last week in Brighton, it already seems to be fixated not on moving up a gear in preparation for the 2015 General Election campaign, but to try and second-guess and elbow out Nigel “Thirsty” Farage and his fellow saloon bar proper-uppers in UKIP. That might not be what the undecided part of the electorate needs to hear.
On top of that, the Tories are listening rather too much to unrepresentative groups peddling ideas that have already been demonstrated to be unworkable, are obviously going to be unworkable, will alienate the voters, or maybe all three at once: step forward the so-called Taxpayers’ Alliance (TPA), which actually represents less than one-tenth of one per cent of all UK taxpayers.

So Young Dave and his jolly good chaps are becoming hostage to ideas based not on practicality, but on ideology, while at the same time trying to second-guess Nige on issues such as immigration. The upshot is a bogus-looking attempt to look mean and hard on unemployment, as the Rt Hon Gideon George Oliver Osborne, heir to the seventeenth Baronet, did this morning.

Then the Tories get to look mean and hard on immigration later on, with measures announced by Home Secretary Theresa May, who is actually a highly intelligent and sensible person, but who is also as aware as the next Tory that Farage may be outside the tent, but after a few scoops of Tetley’s at the Circus Tavern this affy, he will all too soon be pissing in.

So Ms May is talking about getting really tough with immigrants, including throwing them out of the country before they have chance to figure out whether they can do anything about it. Will that assuage Farage? Not if today’s meeting with Tory Eurosceptic Bill Cash is anything to go by: you might think that he and Farage would be close to one another, but in reality they hate each others’ guts.

And Nige’s political antennae might not be as sharply tuned as some pundits would like to think: the idea that Jacob Rees-Mogg, Peter Bone (and, no doubt, Mrs Bone) and (yes, it’s heragain) Nadine Dorries should not be opposed by UKIP as electing them would be “in the national interest” will raise much hollow laughter among those who have witnessed the trio’s various recent antics.

Which begs the question: why are the Tories bothering with UKIP? They’re trying to steal their clothes, but Farage is a cheap opportunist, whose every manifesto unravels in minutes. They appear to be looking to smear UKIP with “under the radar” activity – so less effort going into facing up to Labour. And all the while they have a membership in terminal decline and an increasing poll deficit.

The Tory Party this week appears to be all at sea, and with nobody on the bridge.
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Is the Minimum Wage a Living Wage? Tonight on Business Matters

Tune-in tonight with Business Matters host Tony Iannelli as he explores this very hot topic with four passionate panelists on the pros and cons of raising minimum wage.

Would raising minimum wage hurt or harm our economy?
Is minimizing the pay equality gap how we get our economy back on track?
Will an increase in the minimum wage hinder the creation of new jobs? How will a raise in the minimum wage affect businesses, both large and small?

Guests include: 
Senator Vincent Hughes (D-7)
Frank Snyder (AFL-CIO)
Gene Barr (PA State Chamber)
Suzanne Collins (NFIB)
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Un Futuro Dietro le Sbarre

Sui giornali santificano Andreatta...un pò di chiarezza!
di Fabrizio Guglielmi

Un tempo, le guerre si combattevano tra stati con armi sovvenzionate dai banchieri, che prestavano il denaro a tutti gli stati in guerra affinché si indebitassero con loro. Oggi, hanno affilato le loro armi prendendo il controllo di tutti gli stati – e quindi dei popoli – grazie al tradimento dei politici a loro asserviti. Vediamo se è vero e, in tal caso, come ci sono riusciti. 

Prima degli accordi di Bretton Woods, le banche degli stati dovevano avere una quantità di oro nei loro forzieri pari al denaro che stampavano. Succedeva, però, che esse stampavano più denaro rispetto al controvalore in oro che possedevano. Perciò nel 1944 si decise che solamente il dollaro dovesse avere la controvertibilità in oro e le altre monete potessero essere scambiate con il dollaro che faceva da garante. Gli USA invece stamparono quasi 90 miliardi di dollari, creando un'inflazione globale, senza avere il controvalore in oro. Così, quando l'URSS e la Cina restituirono i dollari agli Usa chiedendo in cambio l'oro, costrinsero il presidente Nixon, il 15 agosto 1971, a far cadere la convertibilità del dollaro con l'oro, facendo sì che la moneta perdesse il suo effettivo valore ed il suo reale valore diventò indotto dall'accettazione degli stati – e quindi delle persone – ad accettarlo come moneta di scambio per i beni e i servizi che le persone producevano. 

Nel 1971, il nostro debito pubblico era di 16 miliardi e 145 milioni milioni di euro, ma quel debito, nella realtà, non esisteva, in quanto la Banca d'Italia era, come previsto dall'articolo 3 del suo statuto, un ente di diritto pubblico a maggioranza pubblica, cioè dello stato, che poteva stampare così la moneta a suo piacimento, ripagando in questo modo i debiti che contraeva. A questo punto avviene il tradimento e, in barba alla costituzione italiana, inizia la cessione ad enti privati delle quote di Banca d'Italia, che verrà forzatamente legalizzata grazie al tradimento dei politici, verificatosi nel 1992 con la legge 35/1992 dal Ministro del Tesoro Guido Carli, ex governatore della banca in questione (quando si dice il caso!). Ma procediamo con ordine. Dieci anni prima di questo tradimento, il Ministro del Tesoro Andreatta ed il governatore della Banca d'Italia Ciampi tolsero l'OBBLIGO alla banca di acquistare tutti i titoli di stato che venivano emessi e quindi di finanziare il debito pubblico, che passò così in soli dieci anni da 142 miliardi (dai 16 miliardi del 1971, perché lo stato finanziava la crescita attraverso l'emissione dei titoli) a ben 850 miliardi di debito – questa volta reale, in quanto contratto verso altri istituti bancari privati.

Nel 1992, solo il 5% delle quote di Banca d'Italia era rimasto di proprietà dello stato, mentre il restante 95% era andato in mano a banche private quali Comit, Credito Italiano e Banco di Roma. Gli acquirenti autorizzati a comprare i titoli di stato erano banche commerciali primarie ed istituzioni finanziarie private quali IMI, Monte dei Paschi, Unicredit, Goldman Sachs, Merryl Linch. Il gioco era fatto: in pochi anni il debito – ad oggi – ha superato i 2040 miliardi di euro, grazie al tradimento dei politici che inizierono in maniera concertata con i banchieri a svendere il patrimonio dello stato e dei cittadini a prezzi da saldo e, non contenti ancora, legalizzarono, con l'ennesimo tradimento verso il popolo, la privatizzazione della Banca d'Italia, grazie al governo Prodi che, il 16.12.2006, modificò lo statuto della banca all'articolo 3, facendo sì che essa non fosse più un ente di diritto pubblico, come dovrebbe in uno stato democratico. Ma non è finita qui, in quanto in una guerra ci deve essere un vincitore – cioè le famiglie al comando delle banche centrali – ed uno sconfitto – ovvero i popoli dell'Euro-zona sotto la dittatura dell'oligarchia bancaria della BCE (banca privata) e della Commissione Europea, che ha potere decisionale sulle politiche sociali degli stati, mentre il parlamento europeo ha solo quello consultivo.

Caduta la controvertibilità in oro, il denaro doveva essere non più addebitato ai cittadini, ma accreditato, in quanto esso è la misura del valore dei beni e servizi che noi cittadini produciamo e non certo dei parassiti banchieri che ci prestano la moneta a debito e che ora decidono le politiche sociali degli stati grazie al collaborazionismo dei politici loro asserviti. Questa moneta creata dal nulla viene trasferita dalla BCE alle grandi banche commerciali private che poi le prestano agli stati ad altissimi interessi, generando un debito pubblico inesigibile perché frutto di una frode poi legalizzata. Ora dal 2012 gli stati non potranno più decidere quanto spendere e in cosa grazie ai trattati del Fiscal Compact e del MES, o fondo salva stati, che è in realtà un istituto di speculazione finanziaria pronto a requisire gli ultimi beni patrimoniali del nostro già povero stato – beni demaniali e forestali e servizi locali di pubblico interesse. In Grecia hanno cominciato ad arrestare chi non ha la possibilità di pagare le tasse, portando i cittadini in campi militari in dismissione.

Tra non molto la stessa sorte toccherà all'Italia.
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Le annonceurs publicitaires attendront l'arrivée d'une nouvelle équipe à France Télé avant de réinvestir!

Ce lundi "Le Parisien" révèle comme le blog CGC Média l'annonçait hier que  face aux audiences catastrophiques de France 2, notamment en access prime time avec l'émission de Sophia Aram "Jusqu’ici tout va bien", les annonceurs ont fui

"Résultat, la chaîne casse les prix s'agissant de écrans pub "Les 30 secondes avant l’émission sont désormais facturées 1.500 euros au lieu de 3.400, et celle d’après 4.900 contre 7.000 euros", indique le quotidien. 

Et ça sans compter la décision que vous révélait hier en exclusivité le blog CGC Média, celle de Pfimlin de décaler les écran pub juste avant le JT de 20h en les faisant passer vers 19h45 pour être sûr de ne toucher quasiment personne et perdre un maximum de recettes publicitaires au passage.
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Huron County to debate Not a Willing Host

There will be a presentation and discussion October 9th in Goderich Ontario, as to whether Huron County will declare itself to be Not a Willing Host to wind power generation projects.
  1 Courthouse Square, at 9 a.m.
  Will this be number 70 on the list of Ontario, Not a Willing Host communities??

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Gilead Power sets sights on 10,000 hectares of land for wind power

Wind power means natural gas
Gilead Power, whose Ostrander Point project is stalled pending an appeal of the Environmental Review Tribunal decision rescinding approval of the project in a fragile environment in Prince Edward County (the company also has plans for a wind power project on Crown land in the Algoma region), is currently prospecting for willing landowners to lease land for another wind power project.
  According to the company's website, the proposed Dorland project is in Greater Napanee. There is potential for 40-80 MW of wind power.
  With the addition of a new TransCanada natural gas power plant to the Lennox plant site, the Dorland project will be close to the REAL source of power for wind power facilities: natural gas.
  The company's website is here.
   According to a joint presentation made earlier this year by the Professional Engineers of Ontario and the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers, "renewables currently use natural gas backup so they cannot achieve lower GHG emissions overall...low GHG emissions are only achievable economically with hydroelectric and nuclear generation."
  See related story on the Lennox plant from the Toronto Star.
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  1. バブル景気により就職市場は、学生有利な売り手市場
  2. 内定者を企業がホテルなどで接待
  3. 一社の就職活動に失敗しても次がある



(3)1990年の株式時価総額 上位10社と大手銀行

  1. NTT
  2. 日本興業銀行 みずほ銀行
  3. 富士銀行 みずほ銀行
  4. 太陽神戸三井銀行 三井住友銀行
  5. 住友銀行 三井住友銀行
  6. 第一勧業銀行 みずほ銀行
  7. 三菱銀行 三菱東京UFJ銀行
  8. トヨタ自動車
  9. 三和銀行 三菱東京UFJ銀行
  10. 東京電力
  • 大手都市銀行 7社が株式時価総額上位10社
  • 大手都市銀行 3社に統合


  1. 優秀な人材の採用 銀行は企業有利な買い手市場
  2. 採用数の増加 大手銀行はバブル期の業績好調で採用数が増加
  3. リストラで役職ポストの減少 大手銀行は合併もあり同期の出世競争が激化

半沢直樹 近藤裏切り理由と出向経歴を見ると、近藤は同期でトップ昇進していましたが人事の不運で出世競争から脱落しており、出向することになります。半沢直樹では銀行員の出向を左遷であるという設定が行われていますが、同期である近藤が出向した理由を見ると理解することができますね。


(5)オレたち花のバブル組 半沢直樹の活躍と見所

  1. 銀行の融資課長
  2. 5億円の不良債権を回収
  3. 不正融資の理由について調査
半沢直樹ネタバレ結末 原作の粉飾決算でまとめていますが、オレたち花のバブル組では融資課長が不良債権の回収に奮闘している様子が描かれています。半沢直樹ドラマで人気になったのは、嫌な上司との社内関係が濃密に描かれていることですね。


オレたち花のバブル組あらすじ倒産危機は、半沢直樹の出世と近藤の左遷が対称的ですね。東京中央銀行に残った半沢直樹、出向した近藤の双方が、サラリーマンとして仕事に立ち向かっている様子が分かります。Any source

West Elgin residents to Council: no turbines

West Elgin Council asked residents for their opinion on hosting wind power generation projects. The answer? No.

West Elgin residents send clear message to municipal council at a jammed public meeting in West Lorne

By Patrick Brennan, QMI Agency
West Elgin resident Michael Parezanovic makes a point at a public meeting at the Elgin‌ International Centre on wind turbines Tuesday. More than 250 people attended -- most, apparently in opposition to turbines.
West Elgin resident Michael Parezanovic makes a point at a public meeting at the Elgin‌ International Centre on wind turbines Tuesday. More than 250 people attended -- most, apparently in opposition to turbines.
WEST LORNE - If it were up to the majority of 254 West Elgin residents who attended a public meeting this week, there wouldn't be any wind turbines in their municipality.
That was the dominant view expressed at the Elgin International Centre where residents jammed the large meeting hall to hear information about turbines and then offer their opinions.
West Elgin council hosted the meeting as it prepares to debate whether to be a willing or unwilling host for wind turbines.
As residents heard, the municipality does have that option which may or may not constitute some deterrence for developers who are currently approaching landowners to offer them lease agreements so they can erect turbines, which average 80 metres in height.
Residents heard from legal experts their municipality has few opportunities under Ontario's Green Energy Act to regulate or outlaw turbines.
Regulatory powers are limited to controlling road access to the site and some local bylaws that apply generally to land use.
Carmen Krogh, a health expert who has studied the effects of wind turbines on people, told the meeting the research is clear that turbines can not only annoy people, they can cause issues relating to noise. That's not acceptable, she suggested.
“We have a right to attain sustainable standards of health,” she said.
She noted recent concessions by the wind turbine industry to aim for a noise level of only 20% by 2025 complicates the issue.
“It really make the health research complicated,” she said.
Residents who live too close to turbines suffer from sleep disruption, nausea and irritability.
“We know these symptoms are valid,” she said.
While residents expressed their anger about the possibility of wind turbines locating here, several people pointed out it is partly due to the fact other landowners are leasing property which would allow them in.
Council will debate whether to be a willing or unwilling host for wind turbines in October.

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L'autore cOz rilascia una nuova versione del famosissimo programma Dashlaunch v3.10 già tradotto in ITA per le nostre Xbox360 munite di RESET GLITCH HACK & R-JTAG, in questa nuova versione sono state apportate molte correzioni di BUG FIX.
- fix for 13599-14699, dash launch patch sets were missing trinity patches.
- fix bug that was misidentifying trinity as a fat glitch1 when updating patches (sorry everyone!).
- prevent too frequent polling for network address (should fix black screen on some consoles when ethernet disconnect helped).
Scaricate il pacchetto in allegato, scompattatelo dove vi è più commodo, prendete la cartella INSTALLER con tutto il suo contenuto e trasferitela nella penna USB formattata in FAT32, collegate la penna USB all'Xbox360 da accesa, avviate Xexmenù trasferite la cartella INSTALLER con tutto il suo contenuto nel vostro Hard Disk, di solito si trova nel percorso HDD1\Content\0000000000000000\, oppure nel percorso dove è stata salvata da voi precedentemente (ATTENZIONE! PRIMA DI TRASFERIRE LA NUOVA CARTELLA INSTALLER VA' PRIMA ELIMINATA LA VECCHIA CARTELLA INSTALLER SE PRESENTE), a trasferimento terminato spostatevi nella cartella INSTALLER e lanciate il file Default.xex al suo interno, date conferma ai messaggi che vi appaiono a schermo, l'installazione risulterà velocissima, al termine riavviate l'Xbox360. Abbiamo terminato, al prossiamo avvio vi ritroverete la nuova versione di Dashlaunch v3.10...Buon divertimento..By MaxMod.
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