Saturday, March 15, 2014

Money doesn't smell, right, Mr Weiss?

In preparation of this post, I have learned that the sentence "Money doesn't smell" was coined by Romans, as in "Pecunia non olet", which is the only useful tidbit from the whole story. Otherwise:

They say that there is a rich man with interesting progressive ideas (himself being kind of conservative):
The conservative Silicon Valley millionaire behind a new campaign to raise the minimum wage in California has received approving coverage from left-leaning media outlets despite his long history of funding anti-Israel activism and inflammatory racial research.

Unzs minimum wage campaign has led to favorable coverage in the New York Times and ABC News and has garnered praise from some on the left, including the Daily Beasts Michael Tomasky.
Peculiar, ain't it? But it is only an appetizer, because:
Unz has also contributed a combined $60,000 in 2010 and 2011 to Mondoweiss, an anti-Zionist blog, and awarded a $108,000 grant to Paul Craig Roberts, a former syndicated columnist accused of promoting anti-Semitism by the ADL.
Mondoweiss is a popular blog, founded and managed "from a progressive Jewish perspective" by a peculiar life form known as Philip Weiss. There are more recipients of Mr Unz's largess you can find in the article, but the most significant one for the purpose is If Americans Knew:
He contributed $10,000 in 2011 to If Americans Knew, an anti-Zionist group that advocates against U.S. aid to Israel...
The author of the article is doing a great favor to If Americans Knew (no links to that place, you can easily look it up), calling it simply anti-Zionist. It is led by one Alison Weir, an obsessed Jew-hater, whose likes are few and whose poisonous teachings and poisonous lies would be welcome (actually are welcome) in any neo-Nazi publication.

So, yes, Mr Weiss: Pecunia non olet indeed. Just don't inhale.

Hat tip: Adam Holland.
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