Monday, March 17, 2014

That's what you do when you have to

Not for the first time, IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz helped out at an accident scene, unconnected with the military. Apparently, he "had been on the way home from dinner when he passed a car that had collided with the safety rail. He and his security attach stopped to evacuate the driver from the car and began giving him medical assistance until paramedics arrived" The Times of Israel tells us here. The article details three other occasions when Gantz has done this, once when a woman in a restaurant had a stroke and fainted. He and his security detail provided medical aid until the parademics arrived.

The other two occasions were military-related. As the official IDF statement put it, That is exactly what an officer is expected to do when he arrives at the scene of an accident. Even if he is not in uniform, it is on him to do all that he can to help.

Or, in plain English, be a mensch and act like a good citizen.

Or as I say in the heading, that's what you do when you have to.

By Brian Goldfarb.
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